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Good fashion is in fashion: More and more designers are insisting on sustainability and proving how stylish eco-friendly fashion can be

Go for green! Green fashion, social justice and glamour go together? Naturally. Just how good this can look is shown by fashion labels and designers like Edun, Stella McCartney or Veja with their sustainable collections – and completely different approaches:


New York meets Morocco: one of the highlight pieces from the current Autumn/Winter Collection by Edun © Getty Images

Edun: black and white

The fusion of African handicraft and American high fashion is unique on the catwalk.

If you were to take cashmere material from Brooklyn and a hand-woven carpet from Fes, what would you get? A magnificent piece (above), but above all: something quintessentially Edun. The brand founded by U2 singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson in 2005 champions African manufacture. In early 2015, the Irish activist made an announcement in an interview with 'We are now having more than 90 percent of our items made in sub-Saharan Africa. This makes us incredibly happy'


Naturally in trend: the basic looks of the US label Amour Vert are stylish and good © PR

Amour Vert: all on green

The Californian label means this literally. One tree is planted for every T-shirt sold.

Urban fashion photographed in meadows and forests: the pictures on the website alone speak volumes. The San Francisco-based brand produces in America, uses non-toxic dyes and, yes, regularly plants trees. Around 100,000 should have been planted by the end of 2015. Not bad for a label that only first saw the light of day in 2011. Incidentally, the 'green love' fashion by couple Linda Balti and Christoph Frehsee has some prominent back-up in Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively, both of whom have already designed for Amour Vert.


Model Lily Cole (left) is also already a fan of the French Fair Trade sneakers by Veja © Action Press, PR

Veja: rescue the world quickly

Yes, there are sneakers that are cool and ecologically correct. Recognisable by the large V on the side.

Improve the world step by step? This was taking too long for Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, two friends from France. They decided to take a giant leap forward and founded sneakers and accessories brand Veja in 2004. A few facts: production in Brazil, support for regional farmers, rubber from the Amazon, inner soles made of organic cotton, plus a highly impressive design. Incidentally, the bestseller is the 'Holiday' sneaker with breathable anti-bacterial mesh material made from recycled PET bottles.


Darling of fashion (models): designer Stella McCartney proves how exemplary fashion can be © DDP Images

Stella McCartney: the pioneer

Luxury fashion without fur and leather? The vegetarian revolutionised the catwalk with her label in 2001.

Who would have thought that an artificial leather bag would have what it takes to be the 'It bag'! Stella McCartney did not just achieve this with her 'Falabella'. She also taught the world two other things: that she, the girl from the Beatles family, is more than a 'daughter of'. And that high fashion is possible without fur and leather. Testament to this are her designs – lavishly draped creations with 'easy-going' attitude – plus more than 30 of her own stores worldwide and the following statement: 'It would be wonderful if we could produce luxury fashion using 100 percent sustainable materials.' Go, Stella!



Goldfinger: Golpira's rings and chain pendants are embellished with tiny lumps of gold © Ben Dalhaus

Golpira: jewellery with history

For Düsseldorf designer Gisa Golpira, fair gold is a family affair.

Trademark: tiny lumps of gold, raw, untreated, unique. This is how the story of designer Gisa Golpira also began. As a small girl, she moved to the rainforest of Peru with her mother and her mother's partner. The couple's plan: to find gold without exploiting nature or people. In 2013 Gisa, who has been living back in Germany for some time, decided to continue the family tradition. By founding her own jewellery label. She knows exactly where the tiny nuggets that embellish her chains and rings come from. From her parents' stocks.


Eco with chic: the catwalk looks of the Danish fashion brand Fonnesbech © Getty Images

Fonnesbech: the evergreens

A traditional Scandinavian fashion house re-invents itself.

A newcomer brand from Denmark? On the contrary! The Copenhagen-based family company, now in the sixth generation, has been in the fashion business since 1947. Led by Celina Fonnesbech Targalski, the label today focuses on organic cotton and recycled polyester yarn produced in Europe. It stands for simple design with an avant-garde twist that is made to last for longer than a season. Be it a suit with waistcoat or a blouse with mini collar: what could be more sustainable than putting together your own wardrobe of special basics?


Bio beauties: Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann are Und Gretel © PR

Und Gretel: doubly good

Two friends are behind the chic organic make-up from Berlin.

Out of the eco niche, into the concept stores! Berlin-based natural cosmetics label Und Gretel stands out by its design alone. The 'Tagarot' lipstick is presented in a chased column, the 'Sunne' powder in a plain, white box. Behind the brand with the mysterious, Middle High German product name launched in 2015 are make-up artist Christina Roth and marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann, who thought that it was still possible to be stylish without using synthetic preservatives and chemical ingredients.


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