Freedom through art

16.02.2017 | Photo Cem Tekin | Camera broken bloke production
Olimpia Zagnoli in Milan
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Feminist illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli shares a world where women can be and do anything they want.

There’s one woman on the NYC subway system that every rider knows because she always stands out from the crowd—supremely confident, her hair is a dazzling orange afro, her lips the reddest red, and behind her shockingly yellow round glasses, the New York skyline swims in her eyes. She’s not a passenger but rather a ubiquitous poster, created by world-renowned illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli.

Olimpia Zagnoli Repubblicaselfie

Despite the swirling organic forms bursting with colour in Zagnoli’s work, the Italian artist is not in the game just to make pretty pictures—she’s hoping to radically change the representation of women, and thereby set them free.

We met the prolific Olimpia Zagnoli in her Milan studio and followed her through the grey city streets on a Mercedes-Benz bike to learn how she sparks her own inspiration to make a difference.

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