Mercedes-Benz Future Talk in Berlin

11.01.2017 | Camera Marcus Werner
Future Talk: Anke Kleinschmit at Future Talk in Berlin
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The fourth Mercedes-Benz Future Talk focused on the topics of artificial intelligence and the relationship between humans and machines.

Intelligent doors that protect residents from burglary, washing machines separating items of clothing by family member, refrigerators reordering expired groceries: the presence of artificial intelligence is constantly increasing in our everyday lives, and in terms of mobility, its use is skyrocketing: self-driving cars are no longer a utopian dream. But what consequences will this rapid technological development have on our lives? On December 5th, 2016, various experts from all over the globe had the opportunity to discuss the relationship between humans and machines at this year’s “Future Talk”, Mercedes-Benz’ successful debate series in Berlin.

The event took place at Daimler futurologist Alexander Mankowsky’s think tank. The cosy space of the think tank provided a homelike sensibility thanks to its green plants, comfortable armchairs, literature-filled bookshelves and curated posters. In this environment, a number of scientists, engineers and journalists came together to discuss the risks and benefits involved in artificial intelligence.

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