Minds in Motion: A conductor meets a winemaker


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Anna Skryleva and Simone Adams meet to discuss womanhood in their respective industries.

When it comes to wine-making and orchestra conducting, success lies in the details. Attuned senses and a refined aesthetic sensibility work in tandem to cultivate fine wine from raw grapes, or a harmonious symphony from heterogeneous musicians.

At a certain level of expertise, the boundary between the profession and the professional begins to blur. German winemaker Simone Adams of AdamsWein lives and thinks in the language of her precious Ingelheim grapes, and as such, has gone on to win awards for her bold experimental approaches. Moscow-born conductor Anna Skryleva has travelled the world, expertly conducting orchestras of all nationalities, and through the common language of music, has found the inspiration for her initiative Classic For Peace.

Collectively, Skryleva and Adams are between international orchestral performances, the height of wine season and the birth of a second child. We catch the two masters at a café in Berlin where they reflect on obstacles and opportunities of womanhood in their careers as well as discuss the realities versus illusions of being a professional woman.

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