Rachel Schwartzmann: My New York Christmas Route

18.12.2017 | Text Pia Feyh | Photo Paola Franqui

Rachel Schwartzmann with a Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC Coupé

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A roundup of cheery events to get ready for Christmas

Hard to believe, a parking lot right outside the front door. Rachel Schwartzmann knows from experience: here in New York’s Brooklyn district, this is a rarity. The California native has been living in the Big Apple since she was eleven years old. From her first teens in Queens to her first home in the trendy Park Slope neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York is her home. She knows the rhythm of the city, understands its inhabitants, appreciates the openness of their homeland and knows how to harness the energy of the metropolis: Rachel Schwartzmann, founder and CEO of “The Style Line”, loves the pace that you set in New York. She, too, is always one step ahead of the others. A woman who founds, blogs, leads, organises, discovers and is constantly on the move – always looking for what constitutes good style.

Rachel Schwartzmann leaning against a Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC Coupé

Only four years ago, the trendsetter had the courage to develop the style blog The Style Line from the Tumblr page of her college days. It shares stories, sets trends, illuminates style phenomena and introduces young creative people who inspire others by exercising and implementing what they love.

The Style Line is all about sharing with interesting creative people who bring stories back into the web with style.

Rachel Schwartzmann

A digital platform that will be filled with different content and formats by creative people from all over the world, exploring the impact of personal style on different areas of life:

.From the style of cooking, fashion or life – there are countless forms and so many perspectives on how to look and use style. And best of all, it never stops. It always keeps us moving.

Rachel Schwartzmann
Rachel Schwartzmann crossing a street in New York"

Get in, buckle up and off you go!

It quickly becomes clear: Rachel is acting in style in all areas of life. In the most beautiful time of the year, there is no exception. If somebody knows how to impressively get into the typical New York Christmas mood, it's Rachel Schwartzmann.

Before the trip starts, the New Yorker in the car quickly gets an overview of the selected playlist. It does not take long for her to find the right soundtrack for her personal Christmas route through New York. “Driving home for Christmas / With a thousand memories ...”, it sounds through the speakers. Oh yes, that fits in well!

My New York in the Run-up to Christmas

09:00 a.m. // Departure: Park Slope, Brooklyn

When I talk to tourists, it strikes me again and again that many of them equate the district of Manhattan with New York. Of course, Midtown has the most famous and imposing sights. But to get a full picture of the city, make a detour to the other neighbourhoods. Surrounded by boutiques, cafes, markets and parks, I really do not miss out on anything here in Park Slope. The idyllic suburban character and the wide festively decorated streets in Brooklyn invite you to the Christmas cruise.

Rachel Schwartzmann sitting on doortsteps in Brooklyn
Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC Coupé in the driveway in Brooklyn

09:30 // Dumbo, Brooklyn

Off to Dumbo. The name is made up of “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and describes the area between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge. The area has established itself as a trendy art district, probably due to the large number of factories and warehouses. For me, it is also thanks to the reddish brown sandstone houses (the so-called brownstones) and various avenues that it belongs to the photogenic areas in New York. Especially in the Advent season, I count Dumbo to the “must-sees”.

Rachel Schwartzmann grabbing a Christmas glitter ball

10:30 a.m. // “One Girl Cookies”, 33 Main St, Brooklyn

The One Girl Cookies cafe offers last-minute Christmas shoppers a great selection of offbeat treats. The individually and lovingly packaged cookies as well as elaborately decorated cakes and macarons are always well received by my friends. This is really something special. But first: coffee! Without my cappuccino, nothing will work for me in the morning.

11:15 a.m. // Jane’s Carousel, Old Dock St, Brooklyn

Whether snow, storm or sun: Jane's Carousel in Dumbo turns all year round. Protected in a square glass building, the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park looks like a haven for young and old. I enjoy the peaceful mood and can sort my thoughts perfectly with the view. A blessing in the run-up to Christmas.

Skyline of New York

Noon // “Powerhouse Arena”, 28 Adams at the Archway in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Even as a Real New York Kid, I would never claim to know the city perfectly. That’s impossible in New York. As a visitor you should therefore free yourself from the typical “tourist pressure” to see everything. The city is the epitome of change and pace. In the Advent season, Big Apple still manages to throw itself into a sparkling robe that transforms the pre-Christmas rush into a magical sparkle. This special feeling of anticipation can also be enjoyed during gift shopping in the “Powerhouse Arena”.

Rachel Schwartzmann in the Powerhouse arena
Rachel Schwartzmann browsing through postcards

01:00 p.m. // Crossing to Manhattan: Brooklyn Bridge

Yes, there are many routes leading to Manhattan, but this one is the most beautiful one. The Brooklyn Bridge is always worth crossing. I am lucky. Right now, the traffic is limited and I accelerate. On to Manhattan! At the same time, I would prefer to drive at walking pace to enjoy this route even longer.

01:45 p.m. // Barney’s Window, Madison Avenue; Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Avenue

I love to admire New York here in its special Christmas outfit. From kitsch and glitter to culture and art – the shop windows in Manhattan offer a decorative contest during the Advent season. Not only tourists are enthusiastic about it. My favourite windows include Barney’s Window and Bergdorf Goodman. There is a lot going on during the Christmas season, but it’s worth it.

Rachel Schwartzmann standing in front of a red wall
horse-drawn carriage in New York

02:45 p.m. // Central Park

Even the biggest Christmas fan will eventually admit: a marathon of gifts can be pretty tiring in New York. To recharge my batteries, I like to drive to Central Park. Of course, this is not an insider tip, but for me, this park has been a phenomenon since my childhood: a huge green recreational area in the middle of the city. This is exactly what I need right now.

Rachel Schwartzmann in New York

03:30 p.m. // “Goods for the Study”, 234 Mulberry St, New York

In terms of Christmas shopping, I am pretty late, at least according to my experience. But then I’ll get really creative just before the close. I enjoy hunting for gifts for my loved ones. “Goods for the Study” is nothing but fun. The tools and materials in the store are refreshing and have already led me to one or the other creative idea at the desk. So you can imagine that I’m not just here to browse for Christmas presents for my friends. I also love looking for original little things for myself.

04:30 p.m. // Bryant Park Winter Village (including skating rink and food trend snack)

You just cannot avoid it when you’re in Manhattan during the Advent season: as New York’s biggest Christmas market, “The Winter Village” really gets everyone into the Christmas and shopping mood. Especially in the evening, you can let yourself drift wonderfully here and smell, taste, feel – and ride on Christmas: the skating rink “The Rink” is free and the snack stands offer extraordinary food trends every year. Only now do I realize how hungry I am.

05:45 pm // Christmas tree, New York Public Library

My highlight of the day is quiet and patient, but all the more visible behind the New York Public Library. The sight of the brightly lit Christmas tree should not be missed when you’re in Bryant Park. Hello mood, hello Christmas.

07:15 p.m. // Return trip

Okay, that’s it. No, not quite. The return trip to Brooklyn is still pending. Even if the day has made you tired – New York never sleeps and dives into a Christmas sea of lights in the early evening hours. It is reassuring to sit in the car and watch the bustle of this cosmopolitan city from the window. Although I live here, I grew up here – I have never lost the reverence for the beauty of this city. I squeeze into the seat, smile at my home city and turn on the music: “Driving in my car / Driving home for Christmas / Driving home for Christmas / With a thousand memories ...”

Rachel Schwartzmann sitting in a Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC Coupé
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