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She’s Mercedes calendar: December by Atsuko Kudo
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Twelve unconventional perspectives on the three-pointed star from world-famous influential women.

A creative, a rebel, a respected critic, an ambassador, an investor, a star, a trailblazer, a fighter, an outspoken individual, a leader, a polymath and a provocateur. Not only do these attributes describe the twelve women featured in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz passenger car calendar, but also the one woman who made Mercedes-Benz possible—the extraordinary Bertha Benz.

To celebrate the upcoming year in the spirit of Bertha’s remarkable achievements, She’s Mercedes brought together twelve women with twelve distinct personalities to create twelve original automotive characters. From musical icon Patti Smith to She’s Mercedes ambassador Susie Wolff, the featured women flip the script of women’s representation by taking the camera into their own hands to share their perspective on a Mercedes-Benz of their choice.

As Head of She’s Mercedes Kerstin Heiligenstetter notes, the unconventional dynamic “facilitates a very feminine, emotional and unusual view of the selected Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models.” Whether it’s the AMG GT Coupé, C-Class Cabriolet or an SL Roadster from 1981 – every image is embedded with the unique essence of the star who produced it, along with a quote about the creative process behind it. With the choice of camera style, props, location and content being entirely their own, the results are as diverse and inspiring as their creators.

I wanted to analyse the feeling of a fast car. For me it feels lawless, like a Wild West dream scene when the speed, the loud rumble of the engine and a shouting stereo effect suddenly meet on the open road. Adrenaline, power, bliss, triumph.

Alison Mosshart

For a taste of the calendar, here’s the exclusive list of pairings in chronological order:

• January: Patti Smith (CLS Coupé)

• February: Alison Mosshart (AMG GT Coupé)

• March: Dr Gertrud Höhler (SL Roadster)

• April: Susie Wolff (GLC Coupé)

• May: Olivia Newton-John (GLE 500 e 4MATIC)

• June: Heike Makatsch (280 SL, 1981)

• July: Léa Linster (C-Class Cabriolet)

• August: Petra Němcová (GLC)

• September: Anna Netrebko (S-Class Saloon)

• October: Ethiopia Habtemariam (AMG GLE Coupé)

• November: Lucy Liu (GLS)

• December: Atsuko Kudo (S-Class Coupé)

The She’s Mercedes passenger car calendar is available from all Mercedes-Benz company-owned sales and service outlets and sales partners for €32.90 or in the Mercedes-Benz shop.

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