Short Trip with Anja Groeschel

05.01.2017 | Camera blue media
Anja Groeschel: smiling
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A trip through Berlin with the founder of the Art Lovers Club.

In a time where the definition of “luxury” has expanded to include unique experiences and adventures, a private members-only club for women who love art and culture really hits the mark. Berlin’s Art Lovers Club, founded in 2010, operates according to the enticing motto “We can do things that money can’t buy”. Through the salience of the concept and the work of the fantastic team behind it, the club was able to expand to Munich in 2015, and more cities are planned for the coming year.

Besides studio visits and speeches, the ALC also offers access to high-end events all around the globe and introduces companies to the exciting and radical possibility of uniting art and business. The bedrock of the organization is Anja Groeschel, a communication expert who also studied art history. With her own blood, sweat and tears, she created a living cosmos which not only revolves around art, but also around promoting shared experiences through the club’s environment and those of its affiliated institutions. Building this cosmos requires a lot of time and energy, so at the end of each year, Anja Groeschel leaves Berlin for a few days to reflect on the past twelve months in peace and quiet. Before she took off, we asked her to recap the past year’s events. Here she shares her reflections on 2016 and goals for 2017 with us.

You’ve made significant achievements and are one of the most important digital founders in Germany. What does a typical day in your life look like?

I drink a lot of green tea in the mornings and I use this time to read all the important global news as well as my emails. Then I usually go for a long walk with my dog and organise my daily schedule before I go to the office. At lunchtime I like to go for another walk and call my friends and family. I prefer to schedule my meetings for the morning or late afternoon. Most nights I attend social events.


What highlights did you experience in 2016?

My biggest highlight was a trip through Israel with my sister. I completely fell in love with the country and it inspired me a lot. Media coverage gives you an idea of current events in other countries, but it hardly ever conveys the cultural and historical context that would be necessary to really comprehend events. I think in order to understand events occurring in another country, a personal exchange with people who live there is required.

What personal goals have you set yourself for 2017?

2017 will be a lot calmer. It’s important for me to spend more time with my family and friends, to travel more and finally start writing. 2016 really made me change my priorities, and I started to act upon this realisation by making sure to be less involved in certain aspects of the club’s operations.

Thank you very much and happy New Year!

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