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12.09.2015 | Text Room 26 | Photo Bernardo Salce


Fall in love with the sustainable island paradise of Song Saa © PR

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Paradise has a name: Song Saa. A pair of islands in the Pacific Ocean off the south coast of Cambodia – in the language of the native Khmer, it means “The Lovers”. What makes this travel destination so attractive? Rather than a holiday flirt, a lasting love is calling.

Some of Cambodia’s islands remain unexplored and untouched treasures in the Gulf of Thailand. Two of these jewels in the sapphire blue sea are Koh Ouen and Koh Bong – the heart of the luxury resort “Song Saa Private Island”. Joined by a narrow footbridge over an exotic marine reserve, you will find 27 unrivalled exclusive villas here nestled among the emerald green rain forest and pearly white sand beaches. Uncompromising comfort is not all this unique site has to offer.


Night light: The houses in the water are also clearly visible in the evening © Bernardo Salce

It is in harmony with nature. Every villa was built from sustainable materials. The eco-design incorporates raw materials from the island, such as driftwood. All at the highest level. The top class restaurant for example features only gourmet food grown in the region and from sustainable fishery on its stellar menu. Good taste, well-being – the hideaway highlight Song Saa makes environmentally friendly luxury travel possible.

How could the island hideaway tempt us?


Greeting the sun: Yoga in the morning can be so relieving © Bernardo Salce

We are searching for peace?

Wellness, relaxation and moments of absolute pampering are on our holiday agenda? As soon as we step onto the island (after arriving by speedboat), we can let ourselves go. All our needs are cared for (full board) and we enjoy the luxurious retreat of the exquisite Song Saa Sanctuary – Spa & Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Centre.


Water sports offering: Kayaking, diving, wake boarding, water skiing, snorkelling or sailing © Bernardo Salce

We are seeking balance?

One side of Song Saa: Seclusion, privacy, rest... And action? Exciting kayak tours, rainforest hikes or snorkelling trips with marine biologists offer variety and provide exercise. A picnic under the full moon or a fascinating treasure hunt in a natural setting promise a deluxe island adventure.


The island dwellers live in a fishing village at Song Saa Resort © Bernardo Salce

We are seeking remoteness?

Our destination: Foreign cultures, getting to know the country and its people – the original island dwellers are part of the resort and the sustainable social concept. Up close and personal: During a visit to local fishing villages or a cooking course with genuine island recipes. Or we learn Khmer: We already know “The Lovers” in the Cambodian language...

Whatever we are seeking on Song Saa, we will find it in good conscience.

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