5 tips for a fresh start

27.06.2016 | Text Karolin Langfeldt | Photo Reiner Baumann & Claus Brechenmacher

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Entrepreneur Sina Trinkwalder knows how you can start fresh professionally.

Alongside her former husband, Sina Trinkwalder was running a successful advertising agency – until she made the decision to spring for something entirely new. From the ground up, she created manomama, a textile company with more than 100 employees that continues to set high measures in terms of fairness and cleanliness. Today, Trinkwalder feels like a naturally born entrepreneur and is convinced: everybody can start over professionally using these five tips:


Don’t hesitate!

You want to wait for the perfect opportunity to start anew and turn your back on your old life – but your plan has one flaw: There is no perfect opportunity. “Starting over with a professional transformation is like becoming pregnant: it’s never the right time.” Instead of putting it off again and again, Trinkwalder suggests: just go for it!


Embrace failure!

In most people’s minds, failure is stamped as a negative experience. Sina Trinkwalder believes this is a huge misinterpretation. You need to change your way of thinking, especially if you want to hit reset on your professional situation. She admits frequently failing herself, at least five times a day on a small scale and once a month on a larger scale. The part where you get back up is what’s essential in this situation – ideally once more often than falling down.


Focus on one idea at a time!

Trinkwalder is often asked to take a look at “three or four“ promising concepts. In these cases, she already has a bad feeling. “If one idea is not strong enough to convince you to do it – forget about it.” Her advice: Only invest your energy in something that you stand behind 100 percent. “But then, do it all the way!“


Be independent – literally!

The 38-year-old doesn’t believe in independency coaching. People have to be able to fully take on a project and run it by themselves. “If something goes wrong, you can’t always call your coach, right?”


Pace yourself!

If you power through all the way, you are doing everything wrong, says Sina Trinkwalder, despite having the best intentions. “You need time off at home, in nature or on your couch. That way, you can reflect on your experiences and develop new ideas.” Trinkwalder’s equation for success: 50 percent work and 50 percent leisure.

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