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18.02.2016 | Text Karolin Langfeldt | Photo Luise Müller-Hostede
Nadine Rieder biking

Nadine Rieder training in the mountains near her home.

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'From Her For Her' with Nadine Rieder

Nadine Rieder looks tanned and in great shape when we meet in her home village of Winkel in Allgäu, Germany. She only returned yesterday from a two-week training camp on the island of Majorca. There she spent some 60 hours on her bike, covering around 1500 km. 26-year-old Nadine Rieder is one of the fastest women on a mountain bike and counts four German championship titles among her many successes. The Allgäu-born athlete is aiming to qualify for the cross-country discipline at this summer's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Only two German women can qualify for this event, so the competition is tough and the training intense. In addition to countless hours in the saddle, Nadine keeps fit by swimming, jogging, cross-country skiing and working out. Her workout can be performed almost anywhere – at training camp, during vacation, or in a hotel room when Nadine jets from race to race. The exercises don't require equipment or a personal trainer - just a yoga mat and comfortable clothing.

Nadine Rieder getting ready to work out

Nadine getting ready for her daily workout.

We joined the AMG Rotwild team member in the weight room at Oberstdorf, where we got her to show us five exercises any woman can do to keep fit. And because not all She’s Mercedes readers can boast Olympic form, the exercise intensity can be adapted to suit any level of fitness from beginner to advanced.

Exercise 1: Plank

Resting on your forearms and the tips of your toes, raise your body into a horizontal position. Make sure your body forms a straight line, and do not arch your lower back.

Hold this position: beginner 10 seconds / advanced 30 seconds

Nadine Rieder planking

Exercise 2: Side plank

Lie on your side, resting on one of your forearms. Raise your hip from the floor so that the body forms a straight line. Reach your free arm through the gap between your body and the mat, then bring it back up into the air.

Beginner 15 repetitions / advanced 30 repetitions

Nadine Rieder body tension
Nadine Rieder body tension second photo

This exercise targets the love handles.

Exercise 3: Rear leg raises

Kneel down on all fours with slightly bent arms. Raise one leg and bend it rearwards 90°. Then slowly push your leg upwards and lower it again.

Beginner 15 repetitions per side / advanced 30 repetitions per side

Nadine Rieder leg raises
Nadine Rieder high leg raises

Good for the buttocks.

Exercise 4: Rowing

Sit resting on your coccyx and hold your legs bent in the air. Stretch out your arms to the front. Then extend your legs slightly and move your body back before returning to the starting position. The movement should be like rowing a boat.

Beginner 10 repetitions / advanced 20 repetitions

Nadine Rieder rowing
Nadine Rieder rowing position two

Strengthens the abs.

Exercise 5: Leg raises

Lie on your back and place your arms alongside your body. Bring your legs upwards to the 90° position. Then lower your extended legs towards the floor and raise them again, moving slowly and in a controlled manner. At no point should your legs actually touch the floor. When performing this exercise, it's important not to arch your back and to keep your abs tensed at all times.

Beginner 10 repetitions / advanced 20 repetitions

Nadine Rieder leg raises photo one
Nadine Rieder leg raises photo two

This exercise packs a punch, but your abs and thigh muscles will thank you for it.

Almost there! Repeat the exercise sequence three times.

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