Game Changers with Diane Robers

10.06.2016 | Camera Acapulco Films


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We meet the innovation and entrepreneurship expert in Oestrich-Winkel to learn about her perspective on global business trends.

Considering her specialist field, 'Service Innovation & Entrepreneurship,' it’s rather apt that lecturer Prof. Dr. Diane Robers is always on the move. Her great passion for innovation is obvious when she talks about the age of digitalisation, new technologies, 3D printers, drones, robotics, crowdfunding, ingenious apps and high-flyer start-ups. And innovation can also occur in microcosm, assures Robers.

Along with her academic duties at the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Rheingau, she works for several DAX and MDAX companies. Diane Robers has thus gained expertise in executive coaching and innovation consulting over the years, one of her specialty areas being 'old vs. new economy'. She knows that 'innovation is becoming increasingly important for companies' and above all, more diverse.

The architecture of the university fuses the traditional with the modern. The campus is picturesquely nestled between Rhine wetlands and vineyards in a little town called Oestrich-Winkel where you can almost taste the tradition. In an interview with She's Mercedes, Robers explains how it is precisely this climate that creates a breeding ground for exciting new ideas.

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