Game Changers with ‘Goodies’ founder Theresa Rempel

17.02.2016 | Text Benjamin Markstein | Photo Benjamin Markstein

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The entrepreneur behind Berlin’s favourite vegan bistros and Germany’s first clean-eating restaurant shares her recipes for success.

Travel is Theresa Rempel's greatest source of inspiration. One trip in particular didn’t only change her life for good but had a remarkable impact on the German Health Food scene. Ten years ago in Australia she discovered a completely new coffee-making culture, her passion for fresh ingredients and love of vegan snacks and smoothies. On her return to Berlin-Friedrichshain she then opened the first Goodies Café with her brother Christoph. This first shop on Warschauer Straße was to lay the foundations for a prosperous career. Four years ago, a partnership was made with Veganz, Europe's first vegan supermarket chain, and henceforth Goodies became responsible for the bistros inside the supermarkets.


'Healthy nutrition should be fun and not be too dogmatic, which is why Goodies also has the treats that you occasionally like to enjoy, that do you good and make you happy,' Theresa explains.

One of the recipes for success is undoubtedly the fact that the company did not always apply a master plan to the different tasks at hand, but rather took a trial-and-error approach. As she herself puts it: 'Just do it, see what happens, try things out and improve them, or simply leave them as they are.' This approach has enabled her to respond flexibly to new and unforeseeable situations, and a well-proven system has resulted.

Especially in the beginning, it was important for her to place great confidence in the employees and delegate responsibilities. „It is only when facing major challenges that people really rise to the occasion.“ Theresa comments. This meant setting targets, so that all were in the best position to create a business that is not structured hierarchically, but instead operates in self-regulating structures. The formula proved successful, and she now operates ten Goodies shops plus Germany's first clean-eating restaurant, 'The Bowl'.

In this episode of ‘Game Changers’ we follow Theresa Rempel across the kitchens and dining rooms of her various healthy eating establishments to see how her business model is creating a network of better working and better living.

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