Game Changers with Gosia Schnelle

06.05.2016 Text Lara Casselman | Camera Acapulco Films

Gosia Schnelle smiling at desk
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We visit the corporate consultant, CEO and business coach at her home in Hamburg.

For Gosia Schnelle, the silent snow-covered forest just outside Hamburg is more than a getaway from the hectic lifestyle of being a world-travelling corporate consultant and CEO. In a way, the majestic trees and vast nature are a liminal space between inner sanctum and work, where she recharges but also where she brings her clients to begin their process of self-discovery.

In 2003, Schnelle founded Trilogue - a consulting company which helps individuals and groups work through corporate challenges. Together with her father-in-law, Schnelle co-developed a revolutionary business theatre/corporate theatre method. She began her career as an actress and director, which proves a useful albeit unexpected foundation for understanding and shifting the dynamics of professional settings. Whether guiding hundreds of executives on a weekend-long quest to develop strategic corporate values in Dubai, or coaching a single employee in her backyard, she has a knack for helping people harness their perspective and skills to create happier, more efficient workplaces.

In this episode of Game Changers we meet Schnelle at her home near Hamburg to learn about her unconventional approach to helping women find their voice and their source of happiness.

Game Changers with business coach Gosia Schnelle - Mercedes-Benz original
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