Game Changers with Marcela Sapone

02.11.2016 | Text Lara Casselman | Camera Liam Le Guillou
Portrait of Marcela Sapone
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Hello Alfred co-founders Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck are revolutionising home services by bringing personal assistants to the digital generation.

Faced with the choice between world domination and a habitable living environment, Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck decided to hack a previously unhackable system: the work-life balance. While studying together at Harvard Business School, their ever-growing mountains of laundry sparked a genius decision to split the cost of a home manager to handle all their to-dos so they could focus on their careers. What started as a simple life hack quickly expanded into an award-winning business called Hello Alfred: an affordable personal assistant service currently revolutionising home and personal management services in New York City, Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Today Hello Alfred boasts over twelve million dollars in investment capital, and the numbers keep rising.

Co-founders of Hello Alfred

Life is a second and everyday you wake up and you get one day to do something important.

Marcela Sapone

Beck and Sapone are on track to revolutionise the way working people live, allowing them to spend less time worrying about sending out packages, picking up their dry cleaning and restocking the fridge, and more time for “the things that give you the most energy and meaning” (Sapone). The price to benefit ratio of Hello Alfred sounds too good to be true (the service starts at $69.99 a week, and includes home cleaning), but through intelligent algorithms, Hello Alfred manages to simultaneously optimise its customers’ lives and pay their “Alfreds” exceptionally high wages.

Dog Sam from Hello Alfred

She’s Mercedes met Hello Alfred co-founder Marcela Sapone in Manhattan to learn about a vision of a workday that ends with family, friends, and joy instead of chores.

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