Game Changers with Professor Hölzle

27.01.2016 Text Kathrin Gemein Camera Oddiseefilms

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A new culture towards new economic activities

”We've always done it like that.” A phrase which is not likely to cross Katharina Hölzle's lips. The 40-year-old is Professor of innovation research and entrepreneurship at the University of Potsdam. Her focus is on recognising and putting in place new methods – and creating the basis for them, be it barriers to innovation, individual behaviour towards innovation or strategic foresight. Change shifts people out of their comfort zone and initially unsettles them. Hölzle works passionately and with great energy to combat such reluctance to change. As with many things, training and explanations offer a great deal of help in this regard. In her additional role as a coach at the Lasso-Plattner School of Design Thinking, she also teaches new approaches to creative collaboration. Her findings from teaching and researching surely also serve Hölzle well in her private life. As a married mother of three, she also has a dog to look after in addition to her engagements in the church and as part of the parents' association at her children's school.

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