• Entrance requirements.

Entrance requirements of the online game “Beat the Triple”.

1. Eligibility requirements

The online game “Beat the Triple” is open to every participant.

2. Competition

The competition “Beat the Triple” is an online game that can be retrieved at mercedes-benz.com/beat-the-triple Course of the game: The Mercedes-Benz Star is the key visual and ‘playing field’ of “Beat the Triple”. The three identically sized fields of the star will illuminate alternately meanwhile releasing a short individual sound signal. The player has to remember the automated sequence of illuminated fields and repeat this sequence. After the successful completion of each round, one illuminated field is added to the sequence/ game and the speed of the game increases. Each player has the possibility to play nine rounds after a successful registration. Whoever plays one round per day participates automatically in the raffle (name of participant will be saved). If you play Beat the Triple daily you increase your chance to participate in the finale as names are saved once a day. On December 24th, 2016 at 10.00 am CET three finalists are drawn by lot. They will be invited to a Motorsports event in 2017 and contest the Beat the Triple finale on site. Hardware will be placed at disposal. The finalists with the highest high score wins the Mercedes-AMD A 45 4MATIC.

3. Timeline of “Beat the Triple”

The online game „Beat the Triple“ starts on December 1st, 2016 at 10.00am CET and lasts until December 24th, at 10.00am CET. The three finalist agree to have their names publicized in a press release that will be distributed via all external Mercedes-Benz channels. The winner receives a Mercedes-AMG 45* amounting to approximately 51.170 €. A financial distribution of the prize is excluded. A transfer to a third party is not allowed. The winner holds the full responsibility to comply with the requirements of the online game competition *If the Mercedes-AMG 45 is not available or cannot be delivered in the market of the winner, the winner will receive an equivalent vehicle in terms of price and availability as defined by Daimler AG/ organizer of the online competition.

4. Host of the Competition “Beat the Triple”

Daimler AG

Epplestraße 225

70546 Stuttgart

5. Data confidentiality statement

The ascertainment and handling of personal data is carried out according to the German data protection law. Only personal data relevant so as to successfully execute the journey will be gathered and forwarded to partners of the Daimler AG. All employees and partners of the Daimler AG will be sworn to secrecy by the Daimler AG with regards to the data protection law. Transmission of data to public authorities will only be done in line with statutory protection. The participant expressly agrees to this. After execution of the competition, all data will be deleted.

6. Premature ending of the competition

Daimler AG has the right to end the competition at any time and own wish. No claims can be asserted out of a premature ending of the competition. Daimler AG has the right to exclude one or more participants from the competition in case of any manipulation, attempt to do so or if it has reasonable suspicion.

7. Amendments

Daimler AG has the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time being also effective for future terms. The applicants will be notified accordingly.

8. Exclusion of Rights

Recourse to the courts is not permitted. Within this competition exclusively rights of the federal republic Germany is applicable. Further, the court of law of the Daimler AG is to be used. In case any terms and conditions become void or ineffective or a loophole appears, all other terms and conditions remain intact. Terms and conditions that are void or ineffective or include a loophole will be kept alive with effective content which is nearest to the intention of the void content. The user automatically agrees to the eligibility requirements with the participation in the competition itself.