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We're finally racing again.

Christian Vietoris achieved his first DTM podium at the 2013 DTM season opener in Hockenheim: “After a long winter break, we're finally racing again! The entire crew has worked flat out this winter to be in a position to fight at the top this season. After the first tests with my new Original-Teile Mercedes AMG C-Coupé, I have to say, I'm really optimistic! A lot has been done to the car visually and I feel really at home in it. I think we’ve made genuine progress. We’ll only find out how quick we actually are at the season opener in Hockenheim.

Christian Vietoris achieved his first DTM podium at the 2013 DTM season opener in Hockenheim.
It won’t be easy, because our competitors have not been hibernating this winter, you know, but I’m looking forward to the first showdown this weekend.”
Paul Di Resta is the 2010 DTM champion.

It feels great to be back in the DTM.

Paul Di Resta, 2010 DTM champion: “It feels great to be back in the DTM. Straightaway, I felt at home once again in the team and used the tests before the start of the season just to familiarize myself with the new generation of vehicles. Other drivers may have acquired more experience with these cars during my three-year absence competing in Formula 1, for sure, but I can adapt relatively easily and quickly to new circumstances, which I proved in Formula 1. Now it’s time for me to show out on track that I can continue in the DTM exactly where I left off in 2010 when I clinched the championship – with race wins! Preferably in my comeback race this weekend at Hockenheim!”

I can’t wait to start the new DTM season.

Gary Paffett has won four races in Hockenheim (2004, 2009, 2010, 2012): “I can’t wait to start the new DTM season. My tenth anniversary season last year did not go as I would have wished, but maybe luck will smile on me in my eleventh DTM year. At any rate, we’ve worked hard during the winter of 2014 to be back at full strength. We definitely intend to improve our performance and make fewer mistakes. Everyone expects Mercedes-Benz to win and remain true to their motto: das Beste oder nichts – the best or nothing. We want to win races and be real title contenders – that’s our aim.

Gary Paffett has won four races in Hockenheim.
We’ll have to wait and see how the season actually turns out, but as a team, we will do everything in our power to achieve our goals in the very first race.”

Top result.

Robert Wickens lines up this season with a new livery in the style of FREE MAN’S WORLD magazine for men: “Last season was really good for me. Now I can hardly wait to do even better this year. I got the taste for success after my first DTM victory at the Nürburgring and aim to finish on the podium more often. The entire team has worked hard over the winter and we’re all highly motivated to play our part in the title fight. Our home race in Hockenheim is the perfect place to start the season. Mercedes-Benz have always been quick on this track in recent years and very successful. We want to repeat that success with a top result to start the new DTM season.”

Robert Wickens lines up this season with a new livery in the style of FREE MAN’S WORLD magazine for men.

Exciting opening weekend.

Daniel Juncadella will start his second DTM season in Hockenheim: “I feel ready for my second season in the DTM after a busy winter. My rookie year wasn’t easy, but I learned a great deal and now intend to translate my new found knowledge into even better results. My goal is to achieve my first podium finish in the DTM this year and maybe even win a race. Hockenheim is a great track to start the season. The atmosphere in the stands is always fantastic and the circuit offers good overtaking opportunities, especially in the hairpin. Everything augurs well for an exciting opening weekend.”

Daniel Juncadella will start his second DTM season in Hockenheim.
Vitaly Petrov will make his DTM debut in Hockenheim.

Steep learning curve.

Vitaly Petrov will make his DTM debut in Hockenheim: “My first DTM race is in prospect. I know Hockenheim from competing in Formula 1, but DTM cars are so different that I almost have to relearn the circuit. I’ve got a really steep learning curve ahead of me this year, and that process got under way even before the season started with the first tests. So far, I’m pleased with my progress as is the team, and I will do everything possible to be in a position to say I’m still pleased after the opening weekend. But I must be realistic. It’s not going to be in any way easy for me; after all, I’m competing with the best touring car drivers in the world. The level of competitiveness of drivers and cars is very high, both in qualifying and in the race, and almost the entire field bunches close together. You have to stay focused and avoid making mistakes. If I can achieve that, then I’ll be satisfied with my DTM debut.”

I like challenges.

Pascal Wehrlein startet mit dem neuen gooix Mercedes AMG C-Coupé in seine zweite DTM-Saison: „Ich kann es gar nicht glauben, dass ich am kommenden Wochenende bereits in meine zweite DTM-Saison starte. Mir kommt es wie gestern vor, dass ich mich auf mein DTM-Debüt an gleicher Stelle in Hockenheim vorbereitet habe. Die Strecke liegt mir ziemlich gut, auch wenn der Setupkompromiss zwischen viel Abtrieb in den Kurven und hohem Top-Speed auf den Geraden recht knifflig ist. Auch die Bremsen stehen auf dem Traditionskurs im Mittelpunkt: Mehrmals pro Runde muss man aus einer hohen Geschwindigkeit hart abbremsen.

Pascal Wehrlein will line up for his second DTM season in the new gooix Mercedes AMG C-Coupé.
But I like challenges, so I’m looking forward to the season opener when we’ll get to see for the first time whether all our hard work this winter was worth it.”