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Get your ticket online and from all familiar presales. Click the blue button to enter the online shop:

Category 1: € 25  / category 2: € 15 / category 2 discounted: € 10

Standing place: € 10 / standing place discounted: € 7 / VIP ticket: € 119

Opening hours.

Saturday 4 January, 2020 / Opening: 8.30 AM / Trainee tournament: 9.00 AM / Under-19 tournament: 12.00 PM 

Sunday 5 January, 2020 / Opening: 7.45 AM / Trainee tournament: 8.00 AM / Under-19 tournament: 09.00 AM 

Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup 2020 Tickets



Rudolf-Harbig-Straße 10

71063 Sindelfingen

Train: For travellers via train a shuttle from station Maichingen to the glass palace will be provided. 

Car sharing: On site SHARE NOW vehicles can be parked and booked.

Car: Beside the 670 parking lots on site, further parking lots are available at the shuttle stations or in the surrounding area.

Mercedes-Benz Juniorcup 2020 Glass Place Sindelfingen

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