• 'This sport runs in his blood.'

Toto Wolff aims to put Mercedes-Benz motorsport back on the winning podium as quickly as possible.

The start of a new era.

When talking about high-adrenaline sports such as Formula One or DTM, saying that one will take valerian drops intravenously definitely demands every ounce of confidence. However, Torger "Toto" Wolff, the new Executive Director for all of Mercedes-Benz's motorsport activities, is never without a witty reply. The 41-year-old Austrian is truly faced with a mammoth task that will require all of his cool-headed composure: Rapidly putting Mercedes-Benz motorsport back on top and on the winner's podium. "We have a great engine and Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are very good drivers", says Wolff. "Before I start making one or the other change, I will first take the time to gain a thorough and detailed overview of the situation."

Dual leadership for triumphs.

The duo consisting of Toto Wolff and Ross Brawn, the team manager, will head up the Mercedes-Benz Formula One team. Braun is responsible for the technical and sport sectors and Wolff bears the responsibility for the commercial sector. Toto Wolff began his motorsport career in Formula Sport in 1992. Since 1998 he has founded several venture capital companies and has also gained further experience in roles such as a Board Member of the English Formula One team, Williams. However, he not only joins Mercedes-Benz with his know-how, but also as a co-shareholder and the "Executive Director” of the Silver Arrow team.

Toto Wolff not only joins Mercedes-Benz as a knowledgeable expert but also as a co-shareholder and the "Executive Director" of the Formula One team.
The Austrian motorsport manager, Toto Wolff, will become the Executive Director of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS.
I look forward to the challenge and intend to specifically encourage young talent in addition to the preparations for a successful racing season.'

'Mercedes-Benz is one of the most important players in the motorsport arena.'

"Toto Wolff has proven himself as an entrepreneur, investor and motorsport manager, demonstrating that this sport not only runs in his blood but that he also understands the financial necessities of the business. With Wolff and Niki Lauda, we will continue developing our motorsport activities and move the Silver Arrows into the next era", states Dieter Zetsche, the Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars and the CEO of Daimler AG, with conviction. Wolff regards his new job as one of the most exciting challenges in motorsport: "Mercedes-Benz is one of the world's most important players in the motorsport arena. I am not only a great fan, but also a long-standing friend and supporter of the brand.

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