• Three questions for Esteban Ocon.

Great chance.

Esteban, you’ve been testing yesterday and today in the Silver Arrow and will also drive regularly for Renault on GP Fridays. How important is it for you to get to sit behind the wheel of a Formula1 car so often?
Esteban Ocon: It’s great to be given a chance like this in F1. My goal here is obviously to contest races at some point in the future, so I have to be well prepared and gain experience.

Focus on this year.

There’s currently some speculation in the media that you’ll be switching to Formula 1 with Renault next year. What do you think about that and how do you deal with these rumours?
Esteban Ocon: Nothing is definite at the moment. I don’t even give it any thought. I take things as they come. My focus this year is on the DTM and on my Formula 1 test runs.

I’ve not got round to thinking about next year yet. It’s still too early in the season.

First points.

One more question about the DTM. What are your goals for the second half of the season?
Esteban Ocon: I’d like to secure my first DTM points and get closer to the leaders. I think I can achieve that along with my team. We need to get more pace out of the car for that to happen.

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