The She’s Mercedes team at the Mille Miglia 2017 in Italy. Photo: Frederic Schlosser.

The She’s Mercedes initiative.

Since 1886, Mercedes-Benz has been all about striving to deliver outstanding performance – a mindset that is also shared by successful women.

And since 2015, Mercedes-Benz has been engaging in an intensive dialogue with women around the world through the global “She's Mercedes” initiative, with the aim of more specifically addressing their needs and the way they regard the topic of mobility. We believe in the power of inspiration to create great things and inspire women all over the world – after all, the brand has been shaped by strong, successful women from the very beginning.

The goal is to establish Mercedes-Benz as the modern, luxury automotive brand for women and to position the brand attractively for women and men alike. 

Together with 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys, Mercedes-Benz has released the social media campaign “Keys to Success” to inspire women to empower each other, learn from each other and grow together – to make positive changes in social interaction beyond the music industry. As voices heard around the world, Alicia Keys and Mercedes-Benz together encourage women to follow their personal path confidently, above and beyond the music industry. The “Keys to Success” campaign shows how the renowned artist and global partner of the brand mentors women in the music industry worldwide through the organisation she co-founded, “She Is The Music”. Mercedes-Benz and Alicia Keys are thus campaigning for more equal opportunities between the sexes.

The campaign was produced during a songwriting camp hosted by the “She Is The Music” organisation by Alicia Keys at the legendary Jungle City Studios in New York City. The artists individually reinterpreted songs from the current album of their mentor Keys. The resulting tracks will be published on Mercedes-Benz social media channels as part of the “Keys to Success” campaign, helping participants gain attention and exposure in the music industry.