The She’s Mercedes team at the Mille Miglia 2017 in Italy. Photo: Frederic Schlosser.

Mercedes-Benz is all about striving to deliver outstanding performance – a mindset that is also shared by successful women.

We believe that success cannot be reduced to one aspect alone, but is in fact a balanced interplay between personal and professional fulfilment. The will to forge and define our own path is the driving force behind our understanding of success.

It’s a mindset that was also embodied in the past by the visionary automotive pioneer Bertha Benz. As a source of inspiration and business partner to her husband Carl Benz, Bertha was the first person to undertake a long-distance journey in a motorised vehicle; by doing so, she laid the foundation for a whole new industry and paved the way for the Mercedes-Benz success story.

Every success story is unique in its own way, but this sense of striving to excel, this drive to move ahead, is a character trait that is common to all successful women. They are all linked by an idea of mobility: the willingness to move themselves and others, and to be moved.

She’s Mercedes is the embodiment of this idea: a vibrant place where women can connect and exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from one another; a forum for stimulating discussion, offering new perspectives and supporting ambitions. Our aim with She's Mercedes is to set women in motion, to facilitate networking between them and to enable them to develop their full potential. At the same time, we hope to learn from them and to find out more about their understanding of mobility.

She’s Mercedes encompasses a mix of formats: networking events, a magazine, this website and a presence on LinkedIn. High-profile women working in all sorts of areas give us their personal insights into the highs and lows of their careers, provide advice on career planning and talk about the issues driving our world – ranging from changes in the way women are seen to mobility concepts of the future.