Hand control units – a firm grip on everything.

Hand control units guarantee that you can keep on moving. One of our control systems for accelerating and braking by hand is sure to be the perfect solution for you, whether you are already familiar with a specific system or are taking automotive mobility into your hands for the first time. The original accelerator and brake pedals remain functional to enable the usage of the car by partners or caring people who do not need driving aids products.

Hand Control Unit “Classic”.

With the “Classic” hand control unit the vehicle is accelerated by turning the accelerator handle clockwise and is braked by pressing the lever forwards. The brake can be secured with the push of a button. The hand control unit supplements the accelerator and brake pedals as both pedals retain their functionality.

Hand Control Unit “Easy Speed”.

Optimal leverage effect, simple operation! Acceleration is achieved by means of a gentle downward movement of the control lever, whereby only the upper part is moved. Braking is carried out by pushing the whole control arm forward. This uses the full leverage power. Braking can, of course, be halted. The “Easy Speed” is one of the most slim hand control units available. This means: more legroom in the entire footwell and a greater fore-and-aft adjustment of the driver’s seat.