Pedal adaptations – solutions for individual requirements.

Pedal relocations and individual height adjustments give the owner-driver the option of being an active participant on the road.

Accelerator pedal relocation.

The electronic pedal relocation involves an additional accelerator pedal installed on the left-hand side of the footwell. The accelerator pedal on the right remains. A switch on the centre console allows to activate the left-hand or the right-hand accelerator pedal before each journey – safety electronics reliably prevent an accidentally switch during driving.

Pedal extension.

A pedal extension makes it easier for the driver to reach the pedals – if necessary these can be raised by up to 10 centimetres. The pedal extensions are simply placed on top of the original pedals and can be very easily removed again. The original pedals retain their function at all times.

Pedal cover.

The pedal cover is a safe supplement to a hand control unit. It prevents the foot pedals from being operated unintentionally. If required, the pedal cover can be easily removed, thus leaving the pedals free for your partner or relatives to use.