Never give up!

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has supported move&do Stuttgart since its inception. move&do is an adventure-based learning programme that aims to help young people improve their self-confidence and to encourage their social skills. Adventure-based learning methods are used to help the students improve their teamwork ability and communication skills, teaching them about conflict resolution strategies, mutual respect and tolerance. Behavioural patterns that have become engrained in school are broken and groups shaken up and reformed. Subjects such as violence, bullying and deficits in social interaction are brought to the surface and addressed, resulting in lasting improvement. The strengths of individuals are identified and nurtured, so that the students learn to have confidence in themselves and in their own capabilities.

I help children to develop their self-confidence.

Philipp Schaupp learned at a young age what it means to be at rock-bottom. Physical violence and bullying took their toll on his happiness at a very early stage in life. At his lowest ebb, in early adolescence, he experienced suicidal thoughts. He first came across move&do as a student at school, where he learned that change is possible. It was at this point that he discovered his great passion in life: climbing. Through his sport he began to develop a positive attitude towards his own body and discovered the importance of trust, in himself and others. Sport was the driving force that helped him to pick himself up again and carry on. His own personal experience has been so meaningful for him that he wants to pass his experience on to others. True to his motto: pick yourself up and carry on! Philipp has been a coach for move&do for nearly 10 years now, helping children to develop their self-confidence.