Streets are places of connection and community – and the home of Mercedes-Benz cars. We are celebrating this pride month with a tribute to streets that shaped LGBTQIA+ culture – historically and to this very day. And with inspiring stories of people sharing how streets and neighborhoods helped them find their true voice.

Streets are more than just shortcuts from A to B. Or the home of Mercedes-Benz cars. Streets connect people. They are lifelines of entire communities. This pride month, we are celebrating streets that like no others have become symbols and synonyms of LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. And we share the stories of people and how these streets have helped them to find their true selves. We celebrate every road you take.

For Margarita life happens spontaneously — out on the streets.

Margarita has been to many cities. Whether it’s New York, Hamburg, Berlin, or London, it’s the vibrant streets in those neighborhoods that make her truly feel at home. Every new city, new neighborhood, and street revealed yet another facet of herself. It’s those unexpected, spontaneous moments out on the street that helped her find community and ultimately her true voice.

Jens' journey is about the streets that helped him find his true self.

While visiting his brother in Berlin, Jens discovered a whole new side of the city — and of himself. “I was fascinated with the openness on streets like Motzstrasse and Fuggerstrasse.” Sometimes it is in the most crowded bar where you actually meet your true self.

Gigi wants to inspire others to express themselves.

“As a trans woman, I don’t fall into the usual categories,” says Gigi. This makes it all the more important for the model, actress, and activist to encourage safe spaces for her community, by inspiring others to express themselves. To connect, celebrate, and care about each other.