One of the best in its class.

An accolade for the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit.

Daimler launches Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH at the Intersolar Europe fair. Also on the stage in a starring role, the stationary energy storage unit – already one of the best in its class.

Photograph: Bettmann / Kontributor / Getty Images

Experts from EuPD Research, the market research institute from Bonn, tested and rated 152 household energy storage solutions. The rankings according to value for money, service and size have now been published in the magazine Wirtschaftswoche. According to the test, the stationary energy storage units from Daimler are better by far than those of even the most prominent competitors – including Tesla, RWE, and Varta. To be honest, we are not surprised. When it comes to energy storage solutions, none of our competitors can unite the automobile manufacturer’s absolute dedication to quality and exceptional expertise in the high-efficiency battery systems segment.

Not only this – the storage unit looks simply fantastic and 500 units have already been sold since the official launch of the company. We’re sure that plenty more will have found a new home by the time Intersolar is over.

Flourishing landscapes for energy storage solutions.

Daimler is by no means a newcomer on the energy storage market. As long ago as 2008, the company invested in innovative energy solutions from Kamenz in Saxony and won the ÖkoGlobe Award for them in 2009. Deutsche Accumotive and Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH are both fully owned subsidiaries of the Daimler concern, and have set out to conquer the growth market for battery-based energy storage systems.

The demand for energy storage solutions is growing apace with increasing electromobility. Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH has already taken on the tasks of development and worldwide sales of the brand’s stationary energy storage units. Not all that long ago, Tesla triggered enormous hype with the announcement of their Powerwall.
In the meantime, more and more companies have entered the battle for customers. Amongst them, General Electric and the LG Group. Even Apple is pushing to get a share of the energy market – not in the field of energy storage solutions, but as an independent provider of solar power.

Domestic and industrial solutions.

To date, 30,000 storage systems have already been installed in German private households. Germany is currently the world’s biggest market for energy storage solutions. Demand is still rising, and it is expected that this year will see almost 20,000 new units sold and installed. Mercedes-Benz Energie GmbH also provides all-round solutions for industrial applications. A typical example of these is the development of an intelligent integrated system that can manage and control the entire frozen products chain from cold store to refrigerated delivery.

Did you miss this year’s Intersolar?

Anyone who missed the chance to be there can visit us in Rastatt at any time and discover just why Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Units are such a persuasive proposition. In a full-scale demonstration model, visitors have the opportunity to get a first-hand view of the whole range of options offered by the ideal energy storage solution and its potentials for integration in Smart Home concepts.