Explore new paths with Classic Car Travel.

Mining new discoveries from a rich history.

Business Innovation is always focused on the future, but opportunities for new business can also stem from the past. Interest surrounding the world of Mercedes-Benz heritage has prompted the Daimler Lab to begin a new project titled “Classic Car Travel”. In collaboration with a small premium brand based in Munich called Nostalgic, an exciting program has been devised — one that offers a unique fusion of emotion and automotive history. Based on experience gained on similar projects, it has become clear that — overall — consumers place a low priority on the ownership of luxury goods while at the same time placing a high value on the ability to use and enjoy luxury goods.

The idea behind Classic Car Travel is perfectly tailored to offer fans just that. This exciting opportunity gives classic fans the chance to experience the unique character, charm and power of a Mercedes-Benz old-timer without the high cost of acquisition or maintenance.
Combine that with a chance to experience the most beautiful routes in Europe — and any Mercedes-Benz Classic fan’s dreams will come true. This project by Business Innovation has achieved two goals simultaneously — devising the perfect offer for fans of Mercedes-Benz Classic while establishing a profitable business model.

Experience vintage charm in a new way.

Just sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz classic can make the heart of a classic lover beat faster — but what if you combined that with a handpicked dream destination in Europe? With wind in your hair and the sun of southern Europe in your heart, you’ll pass vast fields of lavender, expansive azure-blue oceans and impressive limestone massifs. 5-star cuisine and the company of other Mercedes-Benz lovers — of course — come standard.
Let’s give you some insight into the vehicles themselves: The W 113 series — arguably the most beloved of Mercedes-Benz Heritage models — was given the nickname ‘Pagoda’. It exudes the spirit and simple elegance that the golden era is still known for today. With flying colors, the SL masters the perfect balancing act between a comfortable and lively sports car. A timeless, elegant design language and playful details can be found across every centimeter of the vehicle.

The route is part of the journey.

As if at once, stories come racing to mind of past adventures stemming from the smell of well-worn leather and the shine of polished exteriors when you jump in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz Classic such as the W 113 or R 107. For more than 60 years these Mercedes-Benz SLs have achieved legendary status, and for good reason. Whether or not to explore Europe in one of these classics won’t be a hard decision — but deciding who is lucky enough to join you might be.
Passage through rocky mountain ranges creates makeshift amphitheaters, elevating the purr of each cylinder to a grand tenor — a chorus of battle cries to be reckoned with. Around each bend you’ll encounter a taste of history surrounded by natural beauty — here bits of deep blue sea, there red rocky coastline and rolling fields of green. Take in each kilometer as they fall away behind the rear haunches, crystallizing a memory set in time forever. It’s these unforgettable moments that promise to touch the soul and take your heart by storm.

Create lifelong memories.

Are you ready to take a seat and make this one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime? This is your chance! Visit our website and register for one of our three dream destinations: France, Italy or Germany. Click here for more information.