Living in the flow of modern cars.

My Car Is My Castle – Or Is It the Other Way Around?

“My car is my castle” is a common saying. And it’s safe to say that many proud owners and drivers of a Mercedes-Benz would be willing to back this statement with their signature. It’s just a shame that this phrase only works figuratively and that the car doesn’t actually transform into a castle with a snap of the fingers – well, at least not yet. Mercedes-Benz designers have created something that should put an end to this contradiction between dream and reality – the Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser apartments, which already exist in London and are now being introduced in Singapore.
Admittedly, they aren’t actual castles in the style of Neuschwanstein or Versailles, but rather modern living environments that leave no desires unfulfilled and in which Mercedes-Benz drivers, who are accustomed to comfort, feel right at home – just like in their car.

The S-Class of the Airbnbs.

In the world of 2016, in which carefree mobility, unlimited connectivity, and individualization are the most important elements, staying in a mundane luxury hotel has long since lost its appeal. These days, it’s all about booking Airbnb accommodations that meet your specific requirements at your destination. So it’s the ideal time for the “Mercedes of Airbnbs” – one that lives up to the name and, better yet, bears the name of Mercedes-Benz itself. An apartment that speaks the language of Mercedes-Benz design and has the same feel. The Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser apartments in London and Singapore meet all of these criteria: up to 100 m2 of living space with bedroom, living/dining room, and kitchen, velour sofas, a “black magic wall” including smart TV, Swarovski lighting, Burmester sound system, and perfume atomizer. The well-known interior comfort and design elements of a modern Mercedes were incorporated and extensively further developed to create a highly detailed living environment that reflects the flow of the elegant car.

My car is my castle.

And, of course, the Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser concept in Singapore doesn’t end at the front door. It begins at the airport with a personal meet and greet, pickup in an E or S-Class, and a welcome snack of organic wine and nuts, and continues with in-room dining including a menu introduction provided by the chef of the luxurious Capri by Fraser complex in the Changi Business Park. There are also plenty of entertainment options on your doorstep, including a shopping mall and bars, as well as Mercedes-Benz trekking bikes, so you can explore Singapore’s nearby eastern coast. When you’re enjoying this level of pampering, there’s only one wish left unfulfilled: that you find your own beloved Mercedes-Benz eagerly awaiting you when you get home. My car is my castle. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser here.