Making Berliner Tafel an Efficiency Champ.

Actively involved for over 15 years.

Since 1993, the Berliner Tafel has been committed to distributing food to social organizations and people in need throughout Berlin. Logistically though, this means that each week, up to 600 supermarkets are visited in order to collect donations for distribution. This translates into a daily delivery of up to six tons of food! For the past 15 years, Daimler AG has helped the non-profit organization Berliner Tafel with their deliveries by providing Mercedes-Benz vans. In order to optimize the logistics of Berliner Tafel, Daimler AG looked to win them over as a partner for the pilot implementation of CAR2SHARE cargo. CAR2SHARE cargo offers transportation services solutions to manage logistics as efficient and flexible as possible – even during peak times like Christmas.

Engagement seit über 15 Jahren.

Say goodbye to inefficient logistics.

After the four-month trial period, the results are in – and they’re positive. The system has helped optimize the delivery process that was previously managed by hand. From a logistical standpoint, applying CAR2SHARE cargo to Berliner Tafel meant not only a more efficient collection but also that the recipient of the donation would benefit due to a faster – and fresher – delivery. ‘We’ve already realized the enormous potential savings in fuel and time.
In addition, the satisfaction of our social organizations has increased as the food arrives in better condition – and the drivers are happy to work with such modern technology. The ability to use CAR2SHARE cargo lifts the logistics performance of the Berliner Tafel to new heights. We are very pleased and plan to continue using it,” says Robert Hedram, Head of Logistics at the Berliner Tafel.

How it works – at a glance.

But how does using CAR2SHARE cargo increase efficiency? The system – developed by Daimler Business Innovation – is a digital fleet and driver management system that is comprised of the “Smart Van”, “Courier Assist” and “Virtual Fleet”. This translates into a modular concept that has the ability to adapt to the needs of the customer. “Smart Vans” are intelligent transporters that are opened via a smartphone, virtually eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and keys for the handover process. Once inside the car, the tasks and quickest way to each destination are automatically displayed. CAR2SHARE cargo works in tandem with cooperation partner tiramizoo who is charge of the assignment and route management. To ensure that orders go out as planned “Courier Assist” – a support network to digitally manage the fleet – provides automatic suggestions to choose the optimal driver and closest van for the job. The driver is informed of the next assignment via SMS – quick and easy. Finally, “Virtual Fleet’ allows the booking of additional vehicles when needed to avoid any shortages.

It’s a win-win situation.

Nachdem die erste Phase des Piloten für beide Parteien positiv verlaufen ist, wird die Fahrzeugflotte der Tafel in den kommenden Monaten sukzessive durch weitere intelligente Transporter erweitert. Die Berliner Tafel profitiert hierdurch von einer Ausweitung der Flotte für ein optimales Fuhrpark- und Fahrermanagement, während CAR2SHARE cargo in der Testphase wertvolles Feedback zur Weiterentwicklung des Systems erhält.
‘We had to consider ways to help beyond just providing the vehicles. With CAR2SHARE cargo we’ve been able to help Berliner Tafel not only to be mobile but also to make the lives of the incredibly passionate volunteers easier,” adds Stefan Sonntag, Head of new cars, trucks and vans, Mercedes-Benz Germany. More on CAR2SHARE cargo can be found here.