Ready, set, go!

Private households now supplied.

“Hello Neighbor, what do you have there?” This is a question you may soon be asking, since Mercedes-Benz energy storage units are now available for private households. A number of large-scale industrial projects were launched last year, and now stationary energy storage is going to be available for the likes of you and I.
“There is tremendous interest in our energy storage units and we have already received numerous orders. Over the coming months, we will continue to step up and expand sales both in Germany and on the international market,” remarks Harald Kröger, Head of Development Electrics/Electronics and E-Drive Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Private energy revolution.

The interest is easily explained: combining a photovoltaic system and up to eight battery modules creates a private energy store of up to 20 kWh. Excess solar power can then be stored with virtually no loss. By combining renewable energy sources with a home storage unit, private households can increase their consumption of their own generated electricity to as much as 65 percent, thereby bringing about their own ‘private energy revolution’.

Custom installation.

But how do you get hold of these energy storage units? Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE produces the lithium-ion batteries and supplies them through selected distribution and cooperation partners. That is where their network of qualified technical fitters steps in: they provide end-customers with quotations that take into account all their existing system components and ones they still need.
“We’re working with expert partners for the distribution of Mercedes-Benz energy storage units. End-customers need to speak to their local electrical specialists,” says Kröger.

Power ON in Kamenz.

Daimler will be investing around €500 million in building a second battery plant at Kamenz, which is where Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE is based, in order to expand production capacity to cope with rising demand and bring about the said energy revolution. So how about a global revolution? We will report to you soon.