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The perfect combination of engine systems, transmissions and axles yields in the greatest possible efficiency and the best quality made by Mercedes-Benz Powertrain. We tailor Mercedes-Benz Powertrain component configurations to the needs of our customers for sales in the on-highway segment. Our perfectly matched powertrain delivers you the best possible performance and fuel savings, while maintaining low overall operating costs. This is an important contribution and our responsibility to your business and also to the environment.

The Integrated Powertrain by Mercedes-Benz is based on 120 years of development and manufacturing expertise. We offer technically and developed powertrain components from our large-scale Mercedes-Benz series production. They are produced in our manufacturing facilities in accordance with the most innovative production processes and in accordance with our highest Mercedes-Benz quality standards. Apart from our Integrated Powertrain solutions, Mercedes-Benz Powertrain is also part of the Mercedes-Benz Global Service Network with service centres worldwide.

We develop the perfect solution in collaboration with you in order to maximize the success of your company.

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