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Mercedes-Benz Powertrain is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks and Buses division and supplies industry-leading powertrain components for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) in the on- and off-highway segment. The invention of our first truck in 1896, was the beginning of innovative and reliable powertrains. Since then, we look back on more than 120 years of development and manufacturing expertise. Global Powertrain today doesn't just stand for efficient powertrains, but also for the global integration of all locations and functional areas. All manufacturing plants work in accordance with the highest quality standards to produce technically superior products. Through close collaboration with you as our customer, we can perfectly customize the powertrain components to your individual requirements. In this way, optimum fuel efficiency and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) can be achieved. We work in a business-to-business model and have set the target to satisfy your needs as OEM (Manufacturer of Original Equipment) and the end consumer. By continually carrying out research and implementing we further develop improvements. As Mercedes-Benz Powertrain component supplier and leading manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles we have a unique understanding of the requirements an OEM has as well as possess a deep and first hand insight of the end-customer needs and expectations.

Mercedes-Benz Integrated Powertrain in perfect harmony.

A unique symbiosis of power, quality and sustainability.

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain offers you outperforming and individual engineered aggregates – engine systems, transmission systems and axles – with the highest durability and proven Mercedes-Benz quality. The advanced technology results in very smooth running characteristics, low weight and superior fuel efficiency to compose an unbeatable powertrain. The perfect combination and harmony of engine systems, transmissions and axles is the perfect solution for best efficiency and high quality. We tailor Mercedes-Benz Powertrain component configurations to the needs of our customers for sales in the on- and off-highway segment. This is our contribution not just to your business but also to the environment.

The Integrated Powertrain by Mercedes-Benz Powertrain draws on 120 years of development and manufacturing expertise. We offer technically and precisely developed powertrain components from Mercedes-Benz large-scale series production, which are produced in our manufacturing facilities in accordance with the most innovative production methods and internationally applicable quality standards. Apart from integral powertrain solutions, Mercedes-Benz Powertrain is part of Mercedes-Benz Global Service Network with service centres worldwide.

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Mercedes-Benz Integrated Powertrain in perfect harmony.

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