• Announcement: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.

Unadulterated Formula One technology.

The Mercedes-AMG hypercar – probably the most fascinating two-seater that will ever hit the road. Offering unadulterated Formula One technology for the road, the hypercar is thus the first commercially available vehicle with F1 hybrid powertrain and road approval. The highly efficient and powerful Formula One hybrid drivetrain accompanied by a purely electric and wheel selective front axle drive concept is expected to develop a combined system power of more than 1,000 hp (735 kW).

Formula One: MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 W07 Hybrid, Australian GP 2016. Nico Rosberg.
Mercedes-AMG hypercar: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. The Hypercar will offer unadulterated Formula One technology for the road.

“AMG Future Performance”.

The hypercar is a true performance hybrid that marks the pinnacle of what is currently technologically feasible. In terms of output and efficiency, this hypercar points the way to “AMG Future Performance”. It is a project that sets a spectacular milestone on the way to the future of Mercedes-AMG. The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.