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A meeting of superlatives.

150 truckloads of material, 160 tonnes of steel, 300 doors, 2000 square metres of printed banners and 58,000 square metres of particleboard for the construction of the floor. When Daimler enters the big stage of the IAA Commercial Vehicles, every two years, it does so in style. Then the time has come to present the technical state of the art and what will become reality in a few years’ time, the latest vehicles and the visions of beyond tomorrow. After all, more than a quarter of a million visitors will wander the halls of the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany over the course of eight show days – it is important to present yourself in the best light.

And that presentation takes place proudly on 16,000 square metres of floor space with a total of 66 exhibits in front of an expert audience – among them such prominent names as German Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt, who examines the exhibits bearing the three-pointed star with great interest and substantial knowledge of the subject. Just like Matthias Wissmann, President of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and thus the host in Hanover.

Worldwide bestseller.

In amongst all the top-ranking names: Mercedes-Benz Buses, proudly introducing their new claim “The standard for buses.“ at the 2014 IAA – leadership claim and at the same time performance promise, simply convincing in its modest confidence. Because Mercedes-Benz Buses regularly set standards in the market: in terms of quality, reliability, safety and - last, but not least - in terms of total cost of ownership.

One of the most convincing arguments for the new claim and one of the highlights on the show stand from Mercedes-Benz Buses: the Citaro in its various specifications – in Hanover as a Citaro K and a Citaro Ü. With more than 40,000 sales it is a worldwide bestseller and consequently the bus from Mercedes-Benz built in the greatest numbers.

With distinction.

The Citaro not only scores with huge sales. It impresses above all with its innovative concept – the Citaro was after all the first urban bus with Euro VI engine – its economy, environmental friendliness, the safety it affords to drivers, passengers and other road users, its modern design and its viability for the future. This means the title of “Bus of the Year 2013” is at least as deserved as the current distinction of having won the “Green Bus Award 2014” and the “IBC Award 2014” (International Bus & Coach Competition Award) of the German trade publication ‘Bus-Fahrt’. The toughest bus comparison test of the year is exactly the right platform for the market leader to demonstrate its qualities.


After 20 years the Tourismo really no longer needs to prove anything to anyone – any product that persists in such a hard-fought market for so long is beyond requiring justification. Nevertheless, the economic marvel among touring coaches arrives at the 2014 IAA in an exclusive “20 Years Anniversary” edition.

And scores points with additional engine variants and new safety features such as the Lane Assistant (SPA) and the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), among other things.

The integral safety concept.

Mercedes-Benz Buses is already a pioneer in terms of its safety concept, as well, and delivers proof of this at the IAA. The exclusive driving events on the Driving Experience Bus course not far from the expo centre are a welcome change and almost a small test of courage away from the trade show activities. Product engineer Andreas Türk and test driver Daniel Glogger demonstrate the effectiveness of Active Brake Assist 3, or ABA 3 for short, with the Safety Coach, a brand-new C-Class and a so-called soft obstacle. In its third evolutionary stage, the system also brakes for stationary obstacles that were already stationary when the radar detected them.

With this system, Mercedes-Benz today already exceeds the legal requirements that will not come into effect until November 2015. This is made possible by the centralised approach to research taken within the Daimler Group – to ensure that the vehicles from all divisions, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, are among the safest in their class.

Emergency stop with ABA 3.

The system demonstration that follows thrills everyone in attendance: braking for the slowing C-Class is still relatively moderate, but when it comes to making an emergency stop for the stationary obstacle, everyone on board is glad to have complied with Andreas Türk’s instructions at the start of the demonstration to fasten their seat belts. But despite the seemingly hard braking the actual deceleration is not perceived as unpleasant – a crucial advancement of the ABA system compared with other divisions. At Mercedes-Benz Buses the passenger is always taken into account during every development step.

Total cost of ownership.

Upon returning to hall 14, one essential component for every prospective buyer of a commercial vehicle is still on the programme, but one whose complexity requires further explanation. What setting could be better suited to this purpose than the IAA, with the direct contact it offers to visitors and customers? While German TV weather forecaster Claudia Kleinert presents the issue of total cost of ownership to colleagues from the Trucks division, at Mercedes-Benz Buses it’s the engineers dealing with the problems of total cost of ownership on a daily basis who address the matter – real pros who can answer questions about even the minutest details.

The standard for buses.

Groundbreaking developments with respect to engines and safety systems, and a power of innovation that sets standards. After a strenuous but extremely exciting and informative day at the 2014 IAA Commercial Vehicles one thing is certain.

The new claim “The standard for buses.” is not an empty phrase, but a crystal-clear positioning in the market.

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