• The Marco Polo ACTIVITY: the flexible leisure vehicle.

Marco Polo camper vans – exceptional everywhere.

The Marco Polo camper vans from Mercedes-Benz are stylish and high-quality companions for leisure activities and camping trips. The shared passion for uncompromising mobility characterizes the long-standing collaboration with the expert partner, Westfalia. The Marco Polo camper vans are exceptionally compact and comfortable. At the same time, the sheer diversity of leisure activities creates a vast range of different requirements that define the Marco Polo's specific design.

That is why the Marco Polo can be discovered in three different variants. The Marco Polo is the most luxurious camper van with a complete living area. The Marco Polo HORIZON is a stylish daily companion for outdoor activity enthusiasts. The third family member, the Marco Polo ACTIVITY, offers maximum flexibility and durability for every adventure. The diversity of the Marco Polo series provides the perfect camper van for everyone.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY – striking and dynamic.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY utilizes the Vito chassis. The distinctive design leaves no doubt that it is part of the Mercedes-Benz vans family. The gently rising structure line that runs from above the front wheel arch back to the rear is a characteristic element of the vehicle's side design. The functional rear section provides plenty of space, allowing the Marco Polo to effortlessly transport luggage and large objects. The Marco Polo ACTIVITY features robust front and rear bumpers made of grained, anthracite plastic. Diverse options allow the exterior to be customized as desired. Both the front and rear bumpers and the side mirrors can be painted the same color as the vehicle. Even the tail lights and fog lights are also available with a modern design as an option.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY at full speed.
The interieur of the Marco Polo ACTIVITY.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY – living.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY represents the perfect combination of a van and a camper. The durable and flexible interior features a three-seater bench and two individual seats in the rear, providing seating for up to seven people. The variable rail system enables the interior to be configured and modified to match the current needs. The robust TPO plastic floor mostly prevents scratches and is also easy to clean. In addition, the Marco Polo ACTIVITY provides enough storage space to handle various challenges. The drawers underneath the three-seater bench provide the ideal storage for everything one wants and needs. As standard, the ACTIVITY is also equipped with a folding, movable double table: the perfect place to take a short break and fuel up in comfort.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY – sleeping.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY's pop-up roof can be set up in only a matter of moments, creating space for up to five people to sleep in perfect comfort in the roof bed and on the three-seater bench. Naturally, five people in an enclosed space could quickly become uncomfortable. That is why an auxiliary warm-air heater, electric vent windows and integrated ventilation inserts in the roof bed provide optimum airflow and circulation.

The interieur of the Marco Polo ACTIVITY can be converted into a comfortable bedroom.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY – driving.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY is available with five 4-cylinder diesel engines: these range from economic entry-level engines to top-of-the-line performance. The 65 kW and 84 kW engines are front wheel drive. The low weight increases the vehicle's payload. The 100 kW and 120 kW variants are equipped with a powerful and efficient 6-speed manual transmission as a standard feature.

In addition, the Marco Polo ACTIVITY is also equipped with a basic running gear package to ensure well-rounded driving comfort in nearly every situation. The 140 kW variant along with all of the 4MATIC all-wheel drive variants comes with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with CRUISE CONTROL, start assist, kick-down switch, immobilizer and DYNAMIC SELECT switch as well as the comfort suspension.

160 d (65 kW, 230 Nm, 88 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.3 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 164 g/km

180 d (84 kW, 270 Nm, 114 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.3 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 164 g/km

200 d (100 kW, 330 Nm, 136 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.6 liters/100 km

200 d 4MATIC (100 kW, 330 Nm, 136 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.6 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 174 g/km

220 d (120 kW, 380 Nm, 163 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.2 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 163 g/km

250 d (140 kW, 440 Nm, 190 hp)
Fuel consumption: 5.8 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 153 g/km

220 d 4MATIC (120 kW, 380 Nm, 163 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.6 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 174 g/km


250 d 4MATIC (140 kW, 440 Nm, 190 hp)
Fuel consumption: 6.6 liters/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 174 g/km

Efficiency as a standard feature.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY's efficient engines fulfill the demanding Euro 6 Gr. I emission standard. As a result, Mercedes-Benz makes responsible contribution to the future. All of the engines with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission are also equipped with the BlueEFFICIENCY package. The ECO start/stop function prevents unnecessary emissions by switching off the engine when the vehicle stops in inner city or congested traffic. The fuel efficiency generator in the 100, 120 and 140 kW variants also recharges the battery during braking.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY driving near a mountain.
The Marco Polo ACTIVITY is a always attentive companion.

The attentive and competent companion.

In the Marco Polo ACTIVITY, exemplary safety and assistance systems protect the passengers and make the camper van one of the most advanced vehicles in its class. Its exemplary safety systems are oriented on Mercedes-Benz's four-level integral safety concept.

Firstly: safe driving. The standard features in the Marco Polo ACTIVITY include the ATTENTION ASSIST, the Crosswind Assist and a hill start aid. Other innovative safety features such as the DISTRONIC PLUS distance-keeping cruise control, the LED Intelligent Light System, the Headlight Assist, the Lane Keeping Assist, along with an active parking assistant with reversing camera can also be added as options.

Secondly: preventive protection in the event of danger. Accident prevention technologies are available for the Marco Polo ACTIVITY. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST helps to prevent rear end collisions and can brake the vehicle in the event of an emergency. The Blind Spot Assist and the Lane Keeping Assist can also protect the driver against unexpected dangers.

Thirdly: optimum protection in an accident. Airbags and thorax-pelvis sidebags along with windowbags for the driver and front passenger ensure optimum protection in the event of an accident. PRE-SAFE can identify critical driving situations and is able to take preemptive measures.

Fourthly: damage control after an accident. If a serious collision still occurs, mechanisms such as the automatic engine shutdown and door unlocking, crash-active emergency lighting and activated hazard lights help to prevent any further damage and consequences.

Multimedia – communication partner.

Precise navigation and modern interfaces are essential for a modern camper van. The Audio 10 and Audio 15 systems are state-of-the-art options and provide the best connections in the Marco Polo ACTIVITY. The Bluetooth® interface enables users to make telephone calls using the hands-free function, display text messages or play back music. Optionally, the compact Becker® MAP PILOT navigation module enhances the high-resolution TFT display of the Audio 15 with a high-quality, intuitive navigation system utilizing 2D and 3D map displays. Mobile devices such as MP3 players or an iPod® can also be connected to the audio system via the USB or AUX-IN interfaces.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY is always connected.

Equipment packages – a sophisticated selection.

A number of attractive equipment packages are available for the Marco Polo ACTIVITY. For example, the anti-theft packet helps to prevent unauthorized access. Acoustic and optical warning signals create an alarm that is impossible to ignore. The alarm siren is independent of the vehicle's electrical system and inaccessible, making it impossible to bypass. The comprehensive Driving Assistance package includes all of the most important safety technologies from Mercedes-Benz such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, the Blind Spot Assist, the Lane Keeping Assist as well as the PRE-SAFE system.

The less extensive Lane Tracking package consists of the Blind Spot Assist and the Lane Keeping Assist. The Parking Package with reversing camera assists manoeuvering in narrow driveways and parking spaces, making it the perfect option for precision parking. The Interior Chrome Package creates a high-class interior, enhancing the vehicle with a variety of stylish trim elements.

Optional extras – down to the smallest detail.

Everything the heart desires. Optional extras for greater comfort, safety and variability tailor the Marco Polo ACTIVITY to individual needs and tastes. Special highlights include the extending awning above the sliding door and a second sliding door on the left side of the vehicle. The luggage compartment can be equipped with a 12 V plug socket capable of powering a cooler or vacuum cleaner. 

A leather steering wheel and gear shift lever are available for the driver's cockpit. An auxiliary hot air heater (including an optional remote control) ensures that the cockpit and the passenger compartment always remain comfortable and warm.

Original accessories – customized solutions.

On long journeys it is best to leave nothing to chance. Mercedes-Benz provides customized solutions for the Marco Polo recreational vehicles with original accessories. The 10-twin-spoke or 16-spoke wheels enhance the Marco Polo's profile. CLASSIC velour and all-weather mats protect the interior against dirt collected while hiking or sand when at the beach. The bicycle carrier for the towing hitch, the portable cooler and the "KIDFIX" child seat round out the exceptional features needed for any journey.

Original Accessories for the Marco Polo.

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