Japan Explorers

Meet the G‑Class on an adventure trip in Japan

Five international photographers and filmmakers experienced a journey through a unique culture and the uplifting spirit of Japan. Where did the winding roads take our G-Classes? Find out what adventures lay between Tokyo's urban jungle and the country’s spiritual temples of ancient shrines.

Amber Cube

Stronger Than Time: The G‑Class DNA

Many years ago, engineers in Graz developed a completely new type of DNA; the DNA of the G-Class: iconic, robust, almost indestructible. Enclosed in synthetic resin, it is forever secured.

Wild Taiga

With the G‑Class through the Wild Taiga

With the G-Class through the absolutely fascinating, because completely untouched natural paradise of Eastern Finland. Immerse yourself in this dream trip with a G-Class and countless unforgettable moments.


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