The off-road testing series of the electric G-Class prototype.

The G-Class is an icon. Since 1979, its unmistakable design has conquered nearly all types of terrain and waterbodies. The electric G-Class prototype is equally impressive and unafraid to prove its mettle with the ultimate test: travelling back in time to meet its predecessor. After all, who better to judge the quality of a G-Class than a G-Class itself?

Welcome to icy Sweden.

A journey back into the early 2000s, the dawn of the gaming era, takes our electric G-Class prototype through the Swedish winter landscape. It’s here that it tackles the challenges of snow, frost and the bitter cold together with the Mercedes-AMG G 63. Features being tested include cold start, ESP® and brakes as well as gyroscope capabilities in the toughest icy and snowy conditions.  

Welcome to the Perpignan wilderness.

The off-road trails of Perpignan in France are waiting to be discovered. Together with the electric G-Class prototype and the 300 GE, we take a ride back to the 90s and experience the G-Class in its natural habitat. Climbing abilities as well as special features such as wading depth and underride guard are put to the test, making almost any terrain accessible to the electric G-Class prototype.

Welcome to the steep trails of the Schöckl.

The Schöckl: the legendary test track on the mountain near Graz in Austria, the successful completion of which has earned all vehicles in the G-Class series since 1979 the “Schöckl proved” label. So it’s no surprise that the electric G-Class prototype also rises to the challenges of the steep mountain trails. It’s a journey back to the 80s this time, with the prototype going on a top-secret mission with its older counterpart, the 280 GE. We cannot reveal more at this point, except that the mission requires torsional stiffness, ground clearance and articulation.