heycar is the easy way to find an approved used car you’ll really love. It only lists the best quality cars from well-known brands at selected dealers, giving you more confidence every step of the way. There are no private sellers and all cars listed are no older than eight years with no more than 100,000 miles / 150,000 kilometres on the clock. Every car undergoes a rigorous inspection, is quality checked from boot to bonnet and is performed on site at the dealership by a skilled technician.

Many dealers follow the manufacturer’s approved used car standard. A warranty adds further peace of mind, with some cars being within their original manufacturer warranty and others protected under schemes. The website is super-slick to use, offering buyers a wide selection of cars, plus the availability of delivery on heycar.co.uk means that people can buy a car without leaving their home.

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The heycar Group.

heycar was founded in Berlin in 2017, launched in the UK in 2019 and in Spain in 2020. In 2021, heycar was introduced in France. The heycar Group (Mobility Trader Holding GmbH) is the umbrella organisation for all national heycar companies. The shareholders are Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Volkswagen AG, Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, Allianz and Renault Group and its subsidiary Mobilize Financial Services.