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MBUX – a supportive co-pilot.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is a multimedia system and vehicle control in one and can be managed intuitively using LINGUATRONIC with natural voice recognition: whether inputting or retrieving addresses, composing messages or providing appointment reminders – the company vehicle understands the driver, guides them directly to their next appointment and has an overview of the calendar. From climate control functions to querying the remaining range or using the radio, vehicle control with voice commands requires no internet access.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system in the A-Class (W 177).

Sees more, knows more.

MBUX is more than a multimedia system with vehicle control functionality. It is a co-pilot which provides information about potential hazards and makes the company vehicle user’s life more comfortable via touchscreen operation featuring advanced graphics processors, touchpad and touch control. Situational footage from the front camera is shown on the navigation screen along with additional information such as turn arrows or building numbers. Thanks to car-to-X communication, the system can also receive information about the road and traffic situation or approaching recovery vehicles, for example, in almost real time. This is likewise displayed on the navigation screen.

As individual as the driver.

The MBUX display can be customised in various ways and, if desired, the system is able to continually learn and adapt to its user thanks to artificial intelligence. It knows which destinations are driven to most regularly, which colleague to ring on a Tuesday morning and suggests appropriate routes and contacts in a timely manner. Does more than one driver use the company vehicle? Then they can create profiles with their preferred seat, ambient lighting, radio, navigation and MBUX settings. Through enhanced Mercedes me functions it is possible to locate parked vehicles, for example, very easily. If they have been bumped into or towed, the company vehicle user is informed directly.

Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales: Connectivity. Various cockpit layouts of the MBUX.
Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales: Connectivity. connect business provides connectivity services and digital solutions across brands.

connect business: greater efficiency and transparency for fleets.

connect business provides connectivity services and digital solutions across brands. Interfaces and services can be customised accordingly. You receive relevant KPIs and reliable vehicle data, such as mileage, for example, in almost real time. This helps you to ensure that your vehicles are reliably operational and makes vehicle planning more predictive – vehicle downtime will be reduced. You can also use intelligent forecasting to avoid additional leasing payments and to optimise timing. The electronic log book helps your company and your employees to benefit from comprehensive tax advantages. This also boosts transparency for fleet managers – in private mode, however, no positional data is transferred. This protects the driver’s privacy.

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