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Autonomous driving: the revolution has begun.

Autonomous driving brings safety and comfort. Thanks to numerous assistance systems the stress on drivers can be relieved on long journeys and in difficult situations. In semi-automated driving the vehicle already masters many driving situations autonomously: with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive the drivers concentrate on the traffic and retain responsibility, but they can be given helpful support in unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive - In the new S-Class, numerous innovations of the Driving Assistance Package offer a new dimension of comfort and safety.

Intelligent Drive: for your comfort.

Our Intelligent Drive Driving Assistance Package sets standards in semi-automated driving and thus supports comfort and a smooth journey. Stress experienced by drivers can be tangibly reduced. The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC maintains the selected distance from the vehicle in front by itself and automatically follows it up to speeds of 200 km/h. The Speed Limit Assist detects speed limit signs in real time thanks to electronic image processing and reminds the drivers of the current speed limit. The Active Lane Keeping Assist helps prevent the driver from leaving their lane unintentionally by warning the driver through steering wheel vibrations as soon as a broken or solid line is crossed unintentionally.

Intelligent Drive: for your safety.

The Intelligent Drive comfort and safety systems ease the burden on the drivers, intervene where necessary and thus reduce the risk of an accident. Anyone who drives semi-autonomously with Intelligent Drive is safer. The Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function warns the drivers, supports them in maximum full-stop braking and brakes autonomously where necessary – this also applies to crossing traffic and pedestrians in the danger zone. The Active Blind Spot Assist warns against lateral collisions and where necessary initiates lane-correcting intervention. A significant factor in the causes of accidents is drowsiness. The Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST observes the steering behaviour of the drivers, can detect typical signs of fatigue in their behaviour and warn them about increasing fatigue or inattentiveness.

Mercedes-Benz – Safety: The Active Brake Assist warns the drivers, supports them in maximum full-stop braking and brakes autonomously where necessary.