• Sustainability.

Our understanding of sustainability.

As a global automotive manufacturer we are currently shaping the biggest transformation since the invention of the motor car. During this process of change, various environmental, social and governance issues are playing a decisive role in our company’s success. Only when we understand each of these areas of activity as a focus for our work will we remain a driver of innovation in our industry. Sustainability is therefore firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. We have defined Group-wide focus issues and areas of activity, which serve as guiding principles on our way to the future.

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Bodyshell of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate (S 205)


Three areas of activity shape the development of our vehicles: climate protection and air purification, conservation of resources and accident-free driving. We strive for the best possible customer benefit, high standards of safety, environmental compatibility and efficiency. To combine these objectives, we develop environmentally responsible products, intelligent lightweight construction, use renewable raw materials and develop assistance systems which can help to avoid accidents. We are in the process of deriving specific targets for all areas of the business to reduce our products’ CO₂ and NOx emissions. Hybridisation and the electrification of vehicle drive systems are the most important means for this.

Mobility services and digitalisation.

With offerings from the field of mobility services, e.g. car sharing, ride hailing and the multi-modal connection of mobility offerings (Mobility-as-a-Service), as well as digital solutions for parking and charging, Daimler is promoting sustainable mobility in urban areas. As a global automotive group we also want to lead on digitalisation in our industry: we are equipping our workforce with the skills and awareness, which enable them to think ahead and to use digitalisation creatively and boldly in line with corporate objectives. With regard to automated driving, Daimler is one of the pioneers and is driving the further development of this technology. This is because it is anticipated that automated and autonomous vehicles will have a positive influence on road safety, for example, and on reducing emissions.

Industrie 4.0 – Digitalisation at Mercedes-Benz