1. Car Configuration

In order to consult you in the best way, please make sure you have configured your desired vehicle and saved the online Configuration Code.

2. Inquiry Form

Please fill out the inquiry form below with the requested information and insert the online Configuration Code. We will check the available options in the delivery country and adapt your desired configuration accordingly.

3. Eligibility Check

Once the request has been submitted, one of our Diplomatic Sales Managers will contact you. Please prepare the following documents.

  • Scan of your valid diplomatic passport (cover and inside)
  • Scan of your valid status certificate (template will be provided)

4. Offer

Once your eligibility is validated, we will provide you with an offer.

Diplomat's Contact Details

Please enter the contact details of the Purchaser who will also sign the contract.

In case you are a Representative, who takes over the communication for the Purchaser, we will also request your contact details at the end of the form.

Purchaser must be a Diplomat. Representative can be a colleague, an agent or a family member of the Diplomat.

Diplomat's Eligibility

Please provide us with some information about the diplomatic mission of the Purchaser.

Delivery Address

Please let us know where the vehicle should be delivered to. For most of our target markets, we can arrange shipping and transportation insurance for you.

If this service is available for your desired destination, our Diplomatic Sales Managers will include the costs in the final offer. In case we cannot organize the transport to the desired delivery country, you will have the opportunity to pick-up the vehicle at our Customer Center in Sindelfingen.

Car Details

Please enter the online code of the vehicle configuration of your choice. Be aware that the available model and engine types differ from market to market according to the national regulations and certifications.

Our Diplomatic Sales Managers inform you about the availability of the appropriate vehicles in your destination market.

How to contact you?

Please enter your email address and mobile phone number so that our Diplomatic Sales Managers can contact you.

Requester's Contact Details

If you are the Purchaser signing the contract, please select "Purchaser" as the Requester's role and submit.

If you are a colleague, representative or family member of the diplomat, please select "Representative" and enter your personal details below.

Before clicking “Submit” to request a non-binding offer, please read our Privacy Statement carefully, which provides you with a detailed overview of the processing of your personal data by Mercedes-Benz AG in connection with the conclusion and execution of purchase contracts for new cars.