We've been building people's dream cars since 1886.

Over the decades, cars with the three-pointed star on their bonnets have been conquering hearts as well as the roads. These days, classic models are allowing enthusiasts all over the world to experience the “Mercedes legend”. In order to ensure that the authenticity and quality of these special vehicles is maintained, we have now created a special place for them: with our Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartners. A home for classic cars. A network that extends all over Germany allows you to find someone who specialises in your particular model and offers the services you need. The search function here will guide you to a ClassicPartner who will work with you personally to meet your individual requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars.

World champions, design icons, legends: classic cars from Mercedes-Benz have defined the history of the automobile. Your ClassicPartner will look after your classic model as it deserves – offering everything from everyday care to restoration. All backed up by the expertise and knowledge of the people who actually built the car. And of course there will also be genuine classic models there that you can make your own.

Mercedes-Benz Young Classics.

The Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner offers a world in which lovers of young classics will also feel perfectly at home. The authenticity and condition of your dream car can be checked and certified here, while careful maintenance will ensure that it retains its value. This is all ensured by the exclusive access that our experts have to the original drawings and comprehensive documentation in the Daimler Archive.

A Mercedes all the way through, one genuine part after another.

Every single part, however tiny it may be, helps to define the identity of a classic car. Which is why we always recommend using genuine parts that have been tailor-made for each model on the basis of the original plans and data. Even the tools used to manufacture them are originals. All of which helps your Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner to preserve the unique nature of your vehicle – piece by piece.

The Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartners.

At your Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner you will find people who share your passion. They have been working with the brand and our various model series for many years and bring irreplaceable knowledge with them. Every ClassicPartner is a specialist with a unique range of capabilities and, at the same time, part of a network of partners who will always find the right solution to cope with any challenge.