Parts quality.

Preserving the value of your original vehicle

When it comes to reproducing genuine parts, the Group’s combined expertise ensures one hundred percent authenticity: the Group archives contain a comprehensive collection of data, documentation and technical drawings for all model series. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Classic is able to use the facilities of the Research & Development departments, draw on the experience gained in prototype manufacture at the plants and employ the latest technical methods for reproducing parts in genuine, original quality. All of these factors help preserve the originality and the historical technical perfection of your Mercedes-Benz classic vehicle – and as a result, of course, its value.

Bespoke parts and reproductions made to the highest quality standards

All genuine parts for your classic vehicle have to meet the same high quality standards as new Mercedes-Benz parts. Where parts are reproduced, all suppliers have to comply with stringent certification procedures. Some 150 specialist suppliers of Classic parts have met the required criteria, ensuring expert manufacturing.Thanks to the worldwide Mercedes-Benz sales network, these parts can be supplied with a fast turnaround. You can check availability and prices using our Parts Search.

The high-precision workmanship and the perfect dimensional accuracy of the parts safeguard the longevity and reliability of your Mercedes-Benz classic vehicle. The use of genuine parts also ensures that your vehicle maintains its characteristic Mercedes-Benz safety standards. Crash tests have demonstrated that Mercedes-Benz vehicles, whether current or classic, repaired with genuine parts have the same crash properties as accident-free series-produced vehicles.

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