The central showpieces of many vehicle collections.

Fans of the brand and connoisseurs of classic cars prick up their ears when they hear the abbreviated model-series designation W 06: in their heyday, these high-performance sports cars in the Mercedes-Benz S-series (S, SS, SSK and SSKL, built between 1926 and 1932) dominated the international motor racing scene and were highly coveted as exclusive road vehicles.

In 1931 Rudolf Caracciola drove to victory in the Mille Miglia in an SSK – the first non-Italian national to do so in the history of this challenging road race.

Classic models from the S-series are the central showpieces of many vehicle collections around the world. The remanufactured spare parts now being produced by Mercedes-Benz Classic will help to keep them in drivable condition. Available ex factory with immediate effect are:

  • Starter motor (Part no. AQ 006 151 06 22)
  • Twin distributor cap for Bosch dual ignition, made in the original material, Bakelite (Part no. AQ 06 241)
  • Timing gear set for petrol pressure pump, nitrided, vertical-shaft version (Part no. AQM 06-1)
  • Timing gear set for camshaft brake, nitrided, vertical-shaft version (Part no. AQM 9456)

Further spare parts are already being prepared, among them starter motors for other vehicle models and even the cylinder head for the legendary Mercedes-Benz 540 K (W 29).

The highest quality standards.

In tackling such projects, Mercedes-Benz Classic is able to refer to the original specifications and production documents, all of which can be found in the company’s own archives. This approach helps to reinforce the brand’s competence as a manufacturer of spare parts for pre-war classic models.

The reproduced parts meet the highest quality standards in every single respect and, of course, come with the usual warranty. Work on the reproduction parts was undertaken in conjunction with the original suppliers or – where this was no longer possible – with selected specialist companies.

The concern for authenticity is illustrated, for example, by the story behind the twin distributor cap: this is made, as it ever was, out of the plastic material Bakelite. The manufacturing process is a complex one and demands considerable technical expertise, but the result is an extremely durable distributor cap with excellent insulation properties.

Pre-war design with the very latest engineering technology.

The starter motor combines a pre-war design with the very latest engineering technology, in order to satisfy present-day requirements. In this particular case, the project involved a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Classic and the original supplier, Robert Bosch GmbH. The housing corresponds to that of the original starter motor and can be secured in place in the W 06, as it ever was, by means of tensioning straps.

It includes a drive motor together with an engaging relay from the current starter motor production line. The modified drive-end bearing and the freewheel transmission (drive pinion) have been completely redesigned. The outcome is a more powerful starter motor than in the 1920s.

And, as such, ideally suited to wakening back to life the powerful six-cylinder engines of the legendary Mercedes-Benz W 06 model series. So enabling the characteristic sound of these high-performance sports cars to thrill all those around them once again.