Factory restoration.

The complete restoration of a classic car to the highest standards and with the expertise of the manufacturer: something that can only be offered by the Mercedes-Benz Classic workshop. The aspiration there is to achieve the highest level of authenticity, because every classic from Mercedes-Benz bears unique testimony to a bygone era. The workshop works like a small hand-finishing section. Factory-trained specialists use historically correct procedures and modern methods, and are supported on a case-by-case basis by partners from a network of experts. The demanding quality assurance procedures and documentation form the conclusion of the Mercedes-Benz Classic factory restoration.

Close cooperation with the archives of Mercedes-Benz Classic also underpins the unique standard of a factory restoration. For example, the condition of the vehicle upon first delivery can be researched from the original vehicle cards. This benchmark for the factory restoration increases the authenticity and value of your classic.

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If historical cars are driven, wear and tear or perhaps even damage cannot be ruled out, as is the case with every vehicle. The Classic workshop carries out appropriate repairs.

As with the factory restoration, authentic techniques are used for this purpose, from bodywork construction to painting. Wherever possible, the workshop uses Mercedes-Benz Classic genuine spare parts, manufactured to the workshop’s own specifications. The result is a vehicle in the original and optimal condition, thereby reducing follow-up costs and serving to maintain value.

Inspection and maintenance.

A valuable Mercedes-Benz classic also belongs in the best hands when it comes to regular work. The Classic workshop offers the perfect prerequisites in this respect, through its inspection and maintenance services. Many regular customers from all over the world rely on these services with confidence.

The original Mercedes-Benz stamp in the service booklet adds the final touch to the work of the technical experts, once completed. An entry like this in the vehicle documents provides further evidence that a car has been cared for over the course of its life by the experts at Mercedes-Benz.


Sensitivity and know-how: both are characteristic of bodywork construction, especially in older classic cars. Authentic sheet metal qualities are processed by hand, with historical machines or modern processes.

Engine construction.

Working on the heart of the vehicle: engine construction in the Classic workshop is in demand for units dating back through the history of the brand – from the high-speed single-cylinder engine to eight- and twelve-cylinder units.


Making secure connections: over the history of the motor car, the importance of electrical systems has steadily increased. The experts at the Classic workshop have mastered systems from all eras.

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Unique level of know-how.

300 SL “Gullwing” (W 198), Mercedes-Benz 600 (W 100) or rare pre-war vintage cars: the workshop at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach is the perfect place for particularly high-quality classic cars from the brand with the three-pointed star and their discerning owners. The workshop, with its unique accumulation of know-how, takes care of exclusive vehicles belonging to customers from all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz Classic itself also uses the services of the workshop. Cars from the company’s own collection of more than a thousand vehicles and from the Mercedes-Benz Museum are regular guests here. The Classic workshop is part of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center, which also includes the Spare Parts and Vehicle Sales departments.

Spare parts.

The Classic workshop uses Mercedes-Benz Classic genuine spare parts. And when the colleagues in the spare parts department take newly remanufactured components into their range, the workshop provides direct support with verifying installation tests, thus contributing to the quality assurance of this important service.

Spare parts

Manufacturer’s expert assessment.

The close cooperation of the workshop with the archives and other company departments is an important basis for optimal customer service. The services also include the provision of an expert assessment from Mercedes-Benz Classic. This reliably and transparently confirms the authenticity of a vehicle. 

Manufacturer’s expert assessment

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