Some classics with a star are already here. Are they even the main characters in today's film? Throughout the history of cinema, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have made fascinating appearances in productions across genres and eras.

Performance of the “6.9ers”.

A saloon turns the corner to the classics. Unmistakably seventies and yet familiar. The headlamps of the 1975 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9 (model series 116) sweep across the surface as if searching. The choice of seats is still pretty free. The “6.9er”, then as now a powerful rarity, is parked. Who remembers the legendary car chase in the action film “Ronin” with Jean Reno at the wheel and Robert de Niro as the passenger?

Automotive top class.

And another elegant vintage car joins them, a vehicle from the 1950s, when drive-in cinema was entering its heyday. The Mercedes-Benz 300 S Coupé (model series 188) appeared in 1951 as a luxurious vehicle and still is. Also available in the Cabriolet A and Roadster variants. When absolute automotive excellence is shown on the big screen in the first years of the economic miracle, a 300 S is part of it - as in the appearance in the romantic film “Black Forest Melody” from 1955.

Greetings from the 80s.

Shortly before the film begins, a two-door car a good 30 years younger rolls into the cinema: a coupé of the 123 model series from the 80s. The comfort of the velour-covered seats already invites you to watch a film. How about “Rabbit Without Ears 2” from 2009? The main actor sweeps through life and across the screen with a 230 CE.

Top cast.

Little by little, the car park fills up. An EVO II (model series 201) has secured a good position in front of the screen, as has a 129 model series SL, two four-seater cabriolets (model series 111 and 124) and a 300 SEL 6.3 (model series 109). This line-up creates anticipation that one of these Mercedes-Benz will certainly be a film actor in just a few minutes.

Entertainment at it´s best.

Now quickly get some popcorn and drinks and adjust the sound: a radio frequency has long since replaced the speaker in the drive-in cinema, which used to be hung inside from the outside. Now the entertainment systems and car radios of different eras can play through the vehicle's own speakers. The coolest extra for this purpose: an electric aerial. On many a classic it buzzes into the air. Let the projector roll!