Reach any destination without worry.

Navigation with Electric Intelligence offers you maximum planning certainty on the go. Multiple pieces of information, such as fast and convenient routes, the current battery state of charge, weather information and details about the charging infrastructure are interlinked. Then a convenient and time-efficient route is suggested to you, including charging stops should these be necessary. Alongside conventional charging stations, navigation with Electric Intelligence gives preference to rapid charging stations.

Less consumption, greater range.

With ECO Assist, you will set new efficiency records in driving. The ideal support for anticipatory motoring through permanent analysis of the vehicle travelling ahead. In accordance with this, ECO Assist will give you a visual prompt such as “foot off the accelerator pedal”, for example. This enables you to minimise the consumption and maximise the range.

Remote & Navigation Services.

The Mercedes me App allows you to keep an eye on things – at all times and wherever you are. You can check the state of charge, for instance, get information about charging stations or activate pre-entry climate control, so ensuring that your EQC is fully charged and at a comfortable temperature ready to welcome you. This means you always have the latest information and can tackle longer distances, too, in a much more relaxed fashion.