Only people who are registered are able to use the app to explore whether electric mobility might even now suit their everyday life. Registration is necessary to protect the data adequately and to ensure that only the registered user has access.
Yes. login data can be used. Our long-term objective is that a one-time registration will be all it takes to use all Daimler apps.
The tracking process can be started and stopped manually at any time in the app by pressing a button. For added convenience, an automatic tracking function is included in the app. The automatic tracking function uses various technologies and sensors in the smartphone, such as GPS sensors, acceleration sensors, barometer, WLAN, Bluetooth, network location, compass or gyrometer, in order to detect the beginning and end of a journey. Data is saved only if a journey has been recognised. The automatic recognition of journeys is a function that uses technology that is still in its infancy. Errors in the process of recognition are therefore possible. We are working hard to improve the rate of recognition.
It is possible that, on odd occasions, the automatic tracking process and recording of the journey may be subject to a delayed start. This is a consequence of the still very young and innovative technology used here, as well as of reception at that particular point. The app uses a wide range of sensors in the smartphone, which work together to identify that a journey is taking place. Since some of these sensors are also dependent upon the user's reception, it may happen that the process of recording a journey is delayed. We are of course continuing to work on minimising this delay further so that all journeys can be tracked in their entirety.
We take the following parameters into account: temperature, distance covered in kilometres, journey duration, braking and acceleration characteristics, topography and location data. This information allows us to calculate the possible range and energy consumption as realistically as possible. From this we are able to make an individually tailored recommendation as to how electric mobility might suit the specific user's pattern of driving. We continue to work hard on improving the calculations in line with advances in technology in order to be able to give as accurate a result as possible.
Yes, this setting can be changed at any time in the menu under "Profile - Further settings".
Yes. The app currently tracks every journey undertaken in a vehicle, irrespective of whether the user is behind the wheel or a passenger.

Yes, you can delete individual journeys in the app’s trip overview at any time. Go to “menu – profile – further settings“.

Yes. Individual journeys can be deleted in the overview of journeys. This setting can be changed at any time in the menu under "Profile - Further settings".
Yes. In the menu under "Profile - Further settings" it is possible to delete all journeys.
The technology we use for the automatic recognition of journeys is still very much in its infancy. Delays in the process of journey recognition are therefore possible. In rare cases this may mean that certain journeys are either not fully recognised or not at all. We are working hard to improve the rate of recognition.
If the app detects an unconnected journey, it will begin the next journey with a fully charged battery again.
Yes. The Predict feature allows the user to check in advance if a certain route can be covered with an electric vehicle.
The Predict features uses historically averaged speed profiles. This allows us to calculate relatively accurately how much energy would be needed for these journeys.
One of the key factors for us during the development phase was to keep the app's drain on the smartphone's energy to a minimum. The energy consumption may vary according to the particular smartphone and operating system.
An internet connection is needed for the initial registration and for a calculation of the simulated electricity consumption. The tracking itself does not require an internet connection.
Yes, the app will only work if it has access to the user's location. In iOS, the response to the request to allow access to location data should be "Always allow". This permission can be deactivated at any time in the menu under "Profile - Further settings".
The app includes an up-to-date portfolio of electric vehicles (all-electric and partially electric) from Mercedes‑Benz Group AG.
In developing the app, the focus was on making predictions that would be as realistic and precise as possible, so as to give users the most accurate estimate possible.
For technical reasons, however, an absolutely exact simulation is regrettably not possible. We continue to work hard on improving the calculations in order to be able to give as accurate a result as possible.
Yes, the vehicle battery is 100 % charged before the start of the first journey.
If you park close to a personally defined charging station (approx. 500 m), the simulated vehicle is charged up to the maximum charging capacity of the battery or the maximum output of the charging station.
The app displays both public and personally defined charging stations.

No. Charging options added by you are currently private and so neither visible to nor usable by any other user of the Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App.

If you park near a charging option that has been manually added by the user, the simulated vehicle will be charged in line with the maximum charging capacity of the individually selected model and the available capacity of that particular charging station.
The temperature outside is just one of many factors that can influence the range. We have integrated this function so that the user can see how the range changes according to the outside temperature.
Factors such as driving style, speed, topography and outside temperature all have an impact on energy consumption and thus on the actual range. Steady driving at an appropriate speed can increase the range.
At temperatures around freezing point, it may well be that a hybrid vehicle cannot be driven in electric mode, since using the combustion engine is more beneficial because of the additional heat generated.

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App gives users the opportunity to track the pattern of their day-to-day driving and thereby to test whether electric mobility could perhaps already be a viable option for them. The app simulates the use of an electric vehicle for this everyday driving – and for quite a number of journeys.

Mercedes‑Benz Group AG uses technical and organisational security measures in order to protect the data we have under our control against manipulation, loss, destruction and against access by unauthorised persons. Our security procedures are continually enhanced as new technology becomes available.
Mercedes‑Benz Group AG gathers, processes and uses the user's personal data to the extent necessary to provide the App and its functionalities, or as far as the user has consented to an additional use. In particular, the app uses data entered by the user and, assuming that the user allows access, data already on the device or generated through use of functions on the device (positioning). Further details may be found in the information about the app (information icon top right).
Ready for electromobility now? Find out.
Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App

Ready for electromobility now? Find out.