How to design an electric car.

The premiere episode of Mercedes-Benz Electric Enthusiasts is all about design and luxury. Watch Dennis visit his first enthusiast, Bastian Baudy – team leader for exterior design, in the hallowed halls of the Mercedes-Benz Design Center. How does one design an electric Mercedes-Benz? The answer to this question and many more behind-the-scenes insights await you in this episode!

How to test an electric vehicle.

How are electric Mercedes-Benz actually tested, and what does the everyday life of a developer and test driver look like? The latest instalment of our video series Mercedes-Benz Electric Enthusiasts offers interesting insights and an extra-special look under the body of the EQC. Watch to see if our host, Dennis, is allowed to get behind the wheel!

How to drive the new fully electric EQA.

Engineer Martin has been driving the development of alternative powertrains at Mercedes-Benz for almost 20 years. Most recently, he’s been busy developing the components, the electric powertrain and the charging function of the new EQA. It’s under Martin’s expert supervision that Dennis gets to put the pedal to the metal – at Mercedes-Benz’s own test site in Immendingen, of course. Watch to discover Martin’s exclusive insights and learn from a true professional in the field. Buckle up!

Is electromobility right for everyday use?

In the fourth episode of Mercedes-Benz Electric Enthusiasts, the temperatures are sub-zero and host Dennis has no idea what’s in store! First, Dennis meets Markus, who gives him useful tips and tricks for charging an electric vehicle. It’s not long before Dennis has the chance to put these to the test, because after a short briefing, he and the EQA are on their own. Will he pass his challenge with the help of the MBUX?

With the EQS on the Circuit de Monaco.

Bonjour, Monaco! In the latest episode of Mercedes-Benz Electric Enthusiasts, we pay a surprise visit to Mercedes-Benz Formula E racing driver Nyck de Vries in his adopted homeland. A journey that begins on a Mercedes-Benz e-scooter is quickly transformed into a superlative driving experience, as Nyck and Dennis take a lap on the world-famous Circuit de Monaco in the new electric luxury saloon by Mercedes-Benz: the EQS. Tune in to see what Nyck has to say about the racetrack, his career and the insider secrets of efficient driving. Enjoy!